Mini Wardrobe Achieved!

As you know, I finished my Mini Wardrobe yesterday.  Woohoo!

I deviated a bit from my original plan, but I’m very pleased with the outcome.  As a review, here are the pieces I made:

1.  McCall’s skirt
2.  Burda Style skirt
3.  Colette Patterns dress
4.  Vogue blouse
5.  McCall’s cardigan

You’ve seen all of these pieces individually already, but here they are together

Mini Wardrobe 2014

Mini Wardrobe 2014

Mini Wardrobe 2014

Mini Wardrobe 2014

Mini Wardrobe 2014

Mini Wardrobe 2014

Mini Wardrobe 2014

After a bit of time and distance, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am really happy with nearly all of these pieces.  It may be a bit of a struggle for me to get 5 garments done in a month, but I sure do enjoy the Mini Wardrobe contest!

And now that I’ve finished this, I’m trying to decide:  what’s next?  I just took my sewing machine and serger in for yearly maintenance yesterday, and was told it would be up to 2 weeks, so I have a bit of planning time on my hands.


13 thoughts on “Mini Wardrobe Achieved!”

  1. I really love the color palette you used–what a great capsule collection! Enjoy planning your next projects; you’re a more dedicated sewist than I am, because I’d probably burst into flames at the thought of sewing something else so soon after finishing 5 items in one month, LOL!

    1. Thanks, BeaJay! Got the fabric from FabricMart…probably my biggest textile acquisition weakness. I see that they ship Down Under now, but I can only imagine how much that could cost!

  2. Nicely done! I think the blouse with the striped skirt is my favorite. Good job pushing through and getting it all finished! I wanted to do the contest this year but I just couldn’t muster the motivation. I’m kind of in a sew-whatever-strikes-my-fancy phase… so I very much admire your dedication!

  3. I love it! It looks so well thought out in terms of colour, shapes and silhouettes. That striped shirt is so cool and even though I know you had issues with the cardi, I think the pattern has potential. Well done!

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