MW’14: The Crappy Cardi

So, I got my fourth piece of my Mini Wardrobe done… McCall's 6708 McCall’s 6708, AKA the crappy cardigan!

McCall's 6708 What makes it so crappy? McCall's 6708 It doesn’t fit well; I look like a stay puft marshmallow (damn delicious Chicago mix, you are also part of the problem).  I cut between a small and a medium but might just go medium if I decide to try it again.  Doubt I will. McCall's 6708

Part of me didn’t want you to see this one, but the other part needed you to see it.  Weirdo.

I made the rookie mistake of not interfacing the buttonholes, and they stretched so horribly that some of the buttons just slip out.  This happened because of the case of the fuck-its I acquired after trying on the cardi after sleeve installation.  I was not a happy camper and the effort I didn’t put in thereafter shows (did you notice the black buttonholes and navy buttons?). McCall's 6708 I used a wicking polyester lycra jersey I bought at Fabricline.  Nothing crappy about that, though; I had a wonderful experience shopping with them! McCall's 6708 The crappiest part about this cardigan?  I don’t have time to make something different for my Mini Wardrobe, so in it goes. McCall's 6708 They can’t all be winners, but I am not proud.


5 thoughts on “MW’14: The Crappy Cardi”

  1. It isn’t that bad. Maybe just leave it unbuttoned? Looks like the back fits ok (maybe a swayback adjustment), but the front pieces could go up a half size or so (if you do it again). “A case of the fuck its” cracked me up. Who hasn’t been hit by them? It’s harder to manage them when you’re sewing on a deadline. Less opportunity to take a breather and come back later with renewed enthusiasm. Great job on the MW!

    1. I am regularly assaulted by the fuck-its. Sometimes I give in to their alluring siren song of “who gives a shit?” and sometimes I work through it.

      And yes, deadlines definitely increase the fuck-its probability!

      I’ll probably just make a straight medium if I try again. With my attitude at this point it seems unlikely I will.

      And thank you!

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