MW’14: The Gosammer Skirt

I finally finished the first piece of my mini wardrobe last week!

McCall's 6966

I wanted to call it “The Flowy Skirt” but apparently flowy is not a (real) word.  As someone who has been making clothes for 18 years, and having used this non-word to describe many a garment, I am rather disappointed.  Mr. 5 thinks it’s weird that I thought it was a word at all.

In general, McCall’s 6696, is an easy way to clothe your bottom half in a hurry.  This is my second skirt I’ve made from it (the first was the hi-lo hem version) and I complicated things a bit with the silk georgette overlay, but it was still pretty easy peasy.

McCall's 6966

That being said, sizing notice on this puppy:  I measure into a size M (or maybe even a bit bigger) and I ended up making an XS + 1″ (cut for XS but used 3/8″ serged seams instead of the prescribed 5/8″ seam allowance).  I used a stashed cotton/poly/lycra? jersey for the lining and waistband that just happened to almost exactly match the georgette.  It was kind of magical.

McCall's 6966

I shortened the skirt 4″ for the lining and then measured that length and added 1″ to come up with the length of the georgette panels.  In doing such, I ended up with a skirt 3″ shorter than the original pattern (I’m 5’4 1/2″).  As you can see, it’s still really long on me; could probably stand to shorten it another inch.

McCall's 6966

I cut my silk georgette panels by snipping into the fabric and tearing it.  I wouldn’t recommend this; it worked for the most part, but I have a few runs in the fabric near the snip site that I could do without.

Cliff notes:  Make this skirt roughly 2 sizes smaller than McCall’s tells you to, and unless you’re really tall, you’ll need to shorten it.  Be nice to silk.

McCall's 6966

The instructions have you sew a channel for elastic into the upper waistband, but I decided to try skipping this by underlining my fairly flimsy jersey with this awesome super stretchy fabric that I’ve had in my stash since college.  Don’t follow my example; just put the dang elastic in.  The skirt was a bit too heavy with the two layers and I ended up having to jury rig the elastic up in there after the whole thing was put together.  It’s not pretty.  Just don’t look closely.

McCall's 6966

Or DO.

I won’t even get into the instructions for sewing said elastic channel.  I didn’t agree with them, so I did my own thing (on my previous version).

McCall's 6966

This skirt is kind of a hilarious juxtaposition of effort and apathy.  I took the time to do 3 sets of gathering stitches on the silk georgette so it would gather more evenly.  I sewed it together with french seams and tediously baby hemmed it.  And then I serged the lining hem, and all other seams on it.

McCall's 6966

One down!  Nine days and four garments left.  Do ya think I can do it?

McCall's 6966


9 thoughts on “MW’14: The Gosammer Skirt”

  1. I look forward to seeing the rest of your wardrobe. Language is always evolving. Flowy is a great word to describe your lovely skirt.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :) More Mini Wardrobe comin’ up…

      As for evolving language, it’s so strange to me that “bestie” is an Oxford-approved word, but “flowy” is not.

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