Three topics, One Post

I got a special notification from WordPress last week:  as of July 7th, I’ve been blogging for 2 years!

2 Years!

Sure, I haven’t been too consistent in posting, but I think it’s pretty cool that I’ve been writing about the things I’ve been making for even this long, especially since I had two (three?) failed, flailing starts at blogging before this one stuck.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was posting photos of things I’d made on Facebook, and starting to realize that I wanted to say more about them than seemed appropriate for that scene.

Since then, I’ve found a wonderful, supportive community of bloggers that really rock, and have rediscovered Pattern Review as a community of helpful, kind sewists (which, honestly, is where I found many of the aforementioned bloggers).  It’s been pretty awesome.  Thanks guys.  :)

(end topic 1; topic 2….go!)

As for my Mini Wardrobe, things aren’t going super swimmingly, but they aren’t at a total standstill, either.  Instead of my pre-prescribed one-at-a-time construction schedule I created in my last post, I’ve prepped three patterns and have cut two out (both skirts).

I’ve finished my McCall’s maxi skirt with overlay and am onto the hand sewing portion of the Burda skirt (should be done today or tomorrow).  We don’t have much planned for this coming weekend (that I know of…LOL), so I’m hoping I can knock out the cardi and get started on the last two.

Here are some rando sneak peeks of the Burda:

Burda 02/2014 #105

Burda 02/2014 #105 innards

(curtain on topic 2; commence topic 3)

I’ve been thinking about being purposeful in my sewing, and how useful making goals has been for me (such as the mini wardrobe contest).  However, I mostly find myself sewing for the season I’m in rather than for the upcoming season.  Because of this, some of the garments I make don’t get much wear until that season rolls around the next year.

Basically, I would like to start sewing for Autumn in Summer, Winter in Autumn, etc.  But, who am I kidding?  Sewing pretty little cotton and rayon dresses and flirty skirts are way more fun than the encapsulating garments needed here for Fall and Winter.

Plus, sewing for the season ahead means I might not be able to wear what I’ve sewn when it’s finished because it may not be the correct temperature outside, which then puts off the instant gratifying thrill of being able to wear the finished garment now.  These are the reasons why I fail to sew in a more productive and garment-wear-maximizing way.

Which season do you sew for and why?  If you sew for the season ahead, how many months before the season do you make the switch?


16 thoughts on “Three topics, One Post”

  1. I never had to worry about sewing for seasons when I lived in San Diego; I wore the same things all year round, and would just put a cardigan or jacket on whatever I wore in the summer when the weather got cooler. Now that I live in the PNW, though, I “get” it. I really should start sewing pants and cardigans now, but we’re just at the tail-end of a heat wave and all I can think about sewing right now is dresses and skirts!

    1. Fun. :) To each their own! You’re in the Netherlands, right? If I could, I’d totally wear skirts and dresses all year round. Last Winter we had 38 days that were below 0 Farenheit, which is roughly -17 Celcius. Craziness!

      1. wow, that is cold!! what kind of clothes do you wear when it’s that cold? If it’s freezing here (Netherlands indeed!) it’s probably -5 c at the most and then I wear skirts with thermal tights, it’s warmer then jeans I think.

      2. Usually jeans, but if I’m going to be outside more than 5 minutes or so I’ll put some long underwear on underneath. I also bought some fleece lined tights last year and they are pretty awesome. The cold sucks, but the wind makes it so much worse.

  2. When I try to plan TOO much; I get all crazy and off track and sew 13000 things that don’t go together. :)

    Last year I had high hopes for a summer wardrobe. I ended up with no summer wardrobe. This year, I started sewing summer clothes when there was still a foot of snow on the ground so I was ready–but now I have no summer!

    I have a few more summer things I want to crank out but by August I’m moving on to jackets & cardigans and pants. Somehow I’m back down to just 2 1/2 pairs of pants.

    1. Oh yeah, I can’t plan too much either, which I am always eager to do. When I try to pack it in I just get stressed out and bitchy. No good.

      Little chilly up in the the Twin Cities all Summer or just this week? I wore jeans and a hoodie yesterday here!

      Though, I think my favorite part of this comment may be the fact that you have half a pair of pants. :P

      1. Hahaha! I can be quite ridiculous at times! :-p The 1/2 pair comes because sometimes I can fit them and sometimes I can’t. Gotta lay off the croissants or something!

        It’s been a cool summer which I don’t entirely mind…but it was like barely 60 the other day which is pretty crazy even for us northerners!

  3. I also sew for the season I am in, for me and my kids. I just don’t enjoy making sweaters when it is hot outside, and I can’t see myself making light cotton dresses in the middle of the winter either. Usually I only realize what is needed in one of our wardrobes when the season is already there, so that is another reason for sewing for the season I am in. One exception was the LWD contest on PR. In January I did sew a white cotton dress, but I just can’t make myself to wear it, so that wasn’t my greatest success so far…
    Happy blog anniversary btw, I enjoy reading it!

    1. You know, I think that’s my thing, too: I’m more reactive than proactive when it comes to sewing. And I don’t know if that’s going to be an easy habit to change, or worth changing.

      I think maybe a goal to be slightly proactive would probably be best for me. I’ve been meaning to make myself an Autumn coat for probably around 5 years but the seasons always change before I even get started!

      Speaking of coats, I love your daughter’s new trench. So wonderful!

      And thank you. :)

  4. Isn’t PR just a great place?? Folks there are always so helpful. And hey, that’s how I found your blog–the circle is complete! =)

    I’m with you on planning: I wish I could plan ahead for the next season with my sewing. But in the end, I usually just get whacked over the head with inspiration for something and do that instead. This summer I bought everything (except thread) that I needed for a trench coat, and I’d love to have it for Fall, so we’ll see if I get there! (I’m also a Midwesterner, so I’d love to be able to class it up with a nice non-winter coat instead of my usual zip-up hoodies from Sept-Nov.!)

    1. Yes, PR is the best! And thanks for comin’ on by! :)

      I’m thinking I’ll keep sewing Summery things through mid-August and then try to start on a Fall jacket. Probably Sewaholic Minoru or Robson, both of which I have the patterns for. I’d also like to make Colette Lady Grey with longer sleeves for Winter, but I think more than one coat in a year is a bit too ambitious for me.

      1. Well I’m casting my vote for the Robson, since that’s the pattern I’m planning to use! =) And yeah, making multiple coats in a short amount of time has NOPE written alllllll over it…

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