Mini Wardrobe 2014: THE PLAN

Happy July, everybody!  Man, this Summer feels like it’s going by insanely quickly.

I finally decided on my Mini Wardrobe plan, and all of the fabrics I’ll be using to make it come to life!

Here it is.  Daresay you won’t be surprised:

Mini Wardrobe 2014 final

Thanks for partaking in my poll!  I listened to you guys!  I’m a sucker for crowd sourcing, and I’ve been wanting a breezy, elastic-waisted dress since spotting them all over Italy and Paris.  So, there ya go.   Also, thanks for the warning on Ava, Carrie.  I shall give her a try someday, but that day will not be in the next month or so.

Remember how I mentioned I was excited to have time to muslin for my wardrobe?  That so did not happen, but at least I have a firm plan and have done some thinking about linings and notions and seam finishes.

Speaking of fabrics, here they are:  up close and personal

A (flowy maxi skirt)

Silk georgette

Silk Georgette

B (cardigan)

Wicking Polyester jersey

Polyester wicking jersey knit

C (dress)

Rayon sateen challis with cotton sateenphoto 2

Rayon sateen challis with cotton sateen trim

D (pleated skirt)

Cotton broadcloth
Cotton Broadcloth

E (sleeveless blouse)

French cotton lawn
Cotton Lawn

The dress fabric is a bit of an outlier in the collection, but they work pretty well together overall.   I’ll probably update this post later with a photo of all of the fabrics together to give a better picture of how they relate to one another.

Because I respond well to limits and deadlines (eh, sorta well), I’ve set up a schedule for the completion of each item in order to get this puppy done.

July 6:  Simplicity 6966 (silk georgette maxi skirt with jersey underlay and waistband)
Completed July 12

10:  Burdastyle 02/2014 #105 (yoked, pleated skirt in striped cotton broadcloth)Completed July 18

16:  Vogue 1387 (sleeveless blouse in cotton lawn)

22:  Republique du Chiffon “Marion” (dress in floral rayon challis sateen with black cotton sateen trim)

27:  McCall’s 6708 (cardigan in wicking polyester jersey)

Here’s hoping that I more or less stick to it!  As you can see, I’ve given myself a four day buffer at the end of the month for any unforeseen dalliances.

Time to do this thing!



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