Mini Wardrobe 2014

Hello, there!  Long time no see.  Been kinda busy with this:

10168919_10204158314144377_986150190_nPhoto credit:  Chrystal & Lucas Photography

We got married!  :)

Whoa. (channeling Keanu Reeves a la Bill and Ted)

Once we get the rest of our professional wedding photos back and I get our honeymoon photos culled, I am definitely going to write a couple of posts on our wedding DIY, the wedding itself, and our awesome vacation to Northern Italy and Paris.  Good times, y’all.  Squee!

But until then, I’ve decided it’s high time that I got my rump into gear and participated in some hardcore sewing action.  And there’s nothing that says hardcore like Pattern Review’s MINI WARDROBE CONTEST.
I have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to winning, but I really had a blast when I participated in 2012.  The camaraderie and university-reminiscent familiarity of creating a small cohesive collection of garments were delightful.

Plus, because of the lovely westmoon’s post on her blog, I was alerted days in advance that the contest was coming up, so I have actually time for some prep (muslins) instead of my usual “Oh, that contest started a week ago?”

So, the next question is…what to make?  The Mini Wardrobe Contest requires you to make 5 garments that work with each other to create at least 6 different looks.  I’ve already decided to use this formula:

1 Dress
1 Top
1 Cardigan or jacket (AKA topper)
2 Skirts

Which will make exactly 6 outfits:
1.  Dress
2.  Dress + Topper3.  Top + Skirt 1
4.  Top + Skirt 1 + Topper
5.  Top + Skirt 2
6.  Top + Skirt 2 + Topper

If I really wanted the max number of outfits, I would make 2 tops, 2 skirts and a topper, but, as you know, I <3 me some dresses.  I suppose you could technically make 1 topper and 4 dresses and end up with 8 outfits, but I feel the mixing and matching of separates is necessary for me to feel like it’s an actual mini wardrobe.

But, back to the real subject at hand:  Which exact garments to make?

Here are the dress contenders:

Republique du Chiffon – Marion

Republique du Chiffon - MarionI picked up the book that includes this pattern while we were in Paris on our honeymoon.  It’s all in French, but there are at least 4 things I want to make from it and it’s a lovely, lovely book.  If I choose this dress, mine will have an overlap and buttons in the back bodice.


Victory Patterns – Ava

Victory Patterns - AvaFrom the Perfect Pattern Parcel #1.  Woohoo!  Such a great idea, the Pattern Parcel.

Thoughts for the top:

Simplicity 1590

Simplicity 1590


Vogue 1387

Vogue 1387

OR, I might consider the Ava as a top if I don’t end up making it as a dress.


McCall’s 6078

McCall's 6078View B or C

I feel like I have a hard time finding good non-waterfall/open cardigan patterns.  As a cardi-lover, I find this somewhat distressing.  Any other suggestions that would look good with the rest of my wardrobe that you guys can think of?


Burda 02/2014 #105

Burda 02/2014 #105I made one of these from a wool plaid this Winter that I never blogged, but LOVE the fit and look of.  I’ve been looking for an excuse to make another… :)

The second skirt is honeymoon inspired and will most likely be self drafted.  It was one of those “I could make that so easily and for so much less!” inspirations I found whilst shopping in Vernazza, Italy:  a simple gathered silk georgette maxi skirt with a knit lining and waistband.

So, that’s what I’m workin’ with at this point.  Your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “Mini Wardrobe 2014”

    1. It’ll depend on which pieces I choose and what will work for them from the stash! :P

      The only one set for sure is the silk I have for the maxi skirt, which is a blue with a hint of green (FabricMart called it “French teal”). I’ll build up my other pieces around that. The french teal, ivory or white and maybe gray or navy? I’m a sucker for gray.

  1. I remember your amazing plaid skirt that you made with that pattern, I think you posted a pic to the Fabric Fast thread — can’t wait to see your next version :D

  2. I think you should go with a honeymoon-inspired theme all around and go with the gorgeous French dress and the maxi skirt, especially wth a fabric like “French teal” silk! The blousey Vogue top is lovely, but the ruffles on the Ava are super sweet too.

    In my experience, if you don’t power through the honeymoon photos now it will not get done for five to ten years lol. We had 1500 photos from New Zealand and I still haven’t finished sorting and rotating!

    1. I think I’ve decided on everything but the dress. I’ve wanted to try the Ava for a while, but also find Marion very nice and very Summery.

      Wow, 1500 photos! We don’t have nearly as many, but I have started culling them. Mainly getting rid of the duplicates and out of focus shots, and I can totally see this being “if you don’t do this now, you won’t do it” sort of thing.

  3. Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing all the lovely pieces you make :) I will be so nice to have dresses as sort of souvenirs of your honeymoon.

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