Makin’ Dolly Proud: Cambie Style

So, I’ve been doing a lot of sewing lately, but I haven’t really felt like blogging much, which is evident. Could be the undiagnosed SAD, or the -9 degree weather we had earlier this month, or the lack of sunlight after work to take photos.

I have completed around three dozen projects since I last posted about something I made, and thinking about starting to blog them where I left off was giving me the same feeling as when I take a ton of shit out to use, which gets strewn all over my sewing room, and then have to face the prospect of putting it all a way.  A mixture of anxiety and oddly placed doom.

Maybe when I have a lull in current sewing projects, I’ll jet back in time to share some of my blog-neglected makes of late 2013 and early 2014, but for now I’m just going to start up again with what I’ve just completed…

Drumroll, please…

Another Cambie!


This time in View A (here’s my first Cambie using view B).  I whipped this beauty up for my bridal shower, which just happened this weekend and was beautifully hosted by my wonderful sister, cousin, future mother in law and future sis.


I’m also entering it into the Sew Dolly Clackett contest to be judged by the fabulous Roisin.

The contest is in celebration of Roisin’s impending nuptials which are on May 23rd, which is just ONE DAY before Mr. 5 and I are tying the knot, so the irony that I’m entering a dress that has been used for my own wedding-related activities is kind of perfect.  Best wishes to Roisin; I’ll definitely be thinking of her on her big day!


As with my first Cambie, I made a swayback adjustment (1/2″ but could’ve done with a bit more, I think) and a 3/4″ FBA (1 1/2″ total).  I cut an 8 at the bust, 6 at the waist, and ended up with about a 4 at the hip.  Since my hip is 37″, I originally traced a 2, but it seemed a bit tight in the muslin, so I added another 1/4″ at each seam for a total of 1″ extra ease, which effectively makes it a 4.  I also deepened the sweetheart neckline by about an inch (I used stay tape at the neckline, but it doesn’t seem to be pulling it in as well as my last version – le sigh) and raised the bust darts 1″.


I also found in my original Cambie that I had limited shoulder/arm movement due to a small armscye, so I added a 1/4″ to the upper back and sleeve sections.  This was a bit much, though, as it ended up loose and I had to sew the gathered flap in a bit farther than with my last one (though, not a whole 1/2″ farther), so I’m unsure how necessary of an adjustment it was.  I do feel like I have a lot better range of movement with this dress than the last, though.


Somehow, even though I cut a 6 at the waist for both the bodice and the skirt, the darts in the back don’t match up.  I noticed this in the muslin AFTER I cut out the dress, and it’s a bit of a mystery to my why this would have happened.  Drafting error?  Or me just being me?  I’ll investigate…someday.

But, hey, look at how nicely that waistband matches up

I used a beautiful cotton voile print that I bought back in January 2013 from that is quite sheer, so the whole thing had to be underlined with a coordinating Robert Kaufman cotton lawn (also picked up from  Each pattern piece was basted together, along with each dart, before I started sewing the dress together.  What a pain in the tuckus.  The dress is fully lined with a lovely feeling cotton/silk elegance from Martha Pullen, which would NOT iron out completely smooth, but I think it’s still pretty delightful.  Basically, I cut 3 dresses out for this, and I was not sure in transit, but the end product was worth it.



I am especially proud of the innards of this Cambie.  For once, I took the time to do things right.  I used rayon hug snug binding for all of the exposed seams (AKA the skirt):


Even the pocketses!

And even employed pretty hem lace:


Enough of my tiring chatter.  MOAR PHOTOS!  It was 30 degrees outside when we took these photos; you can see the goosebumps on my arm in the back close up.








24 thoughts on “Makin’ Dolly Proud: Cambie Style”

  1. Super cute. I *LOVE* it with the cardigan too!!!

    So for those of us who are all enamored I think you should do like massive blog posts hitting the high points of the recent makes!! :-D

    1. Thanks Nakisha. :) That is actually a really good idea…either one massive post of all everything or a couple of posts that are like “All of the shirts!” “All of the dresses!”

  2. I can totally relate to the it’s-just-too-much feeling of having multiple projects to blog and no desire to do it… That has happened to me a lot lately. I also always end up jumping back in with the latest thing. Beautiful Cambie! I also had range of movement problems with the pattern – I think the Sewaholic line is just drafted for very narrow shoulders. Beautiful finish on the inside too, I have yet to have had the patience to finish anything that nicely.

    1. Thanks, lady! :) Yeah, based on Cambie and Renfrew, I think Tasia is designing for both the narrow shouldered and the tiny armsyced of the world. Which, is fine, once it’s been realized. Before I figured that out, I thought I just had some monstrously unnatural upper arm/shoulder business going on.

  3. It’s simply beautiful and does Roisin proud! I love the Cambie and though really new great patterns keep coming from the Indie world, the Cambie is just one of my all-time faves. I have the same fabric in green and I wonder why you didn’t just use the lining? It’s beautiful but I’ve never thought of sewing with it yet (I don’t know what I’m waiting for) but I’m really curious (and impressed) about your choice to underline and fully line!

    1. Oh, believe me, I wanted to just line it, but the voile was just a bit too sheer; you’d be able to see the print on the seam allowance and the darts through the dress if I hadn’t underlined. If that makes sense. I haven’t had a lot of coffee yet today. Need mooooore.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. :) I’ve always planned on making the insides of many a dress pretty and have skipped it because I’ve been too lazy, but it was kind of meditative to apply all of that binding and hem lace.

  4. First of all, congrats on all of your makes. What incredible productivity. We’re all ready to see them when and if you’re ready to post them. Although I haven’t been quite as productive, I completely empathize with your situation. I have a number of garments that I would love to put out there, but the season hasn’t exactly been inspiring. Your line about undiagnosed SAD really grabbed me because I have felt like textbook SAD all winter. I couldn’t make myself get bloggily creative at all.

    On a lighter note, this Cambie is heavenly. You put such precise work into it, and it shows. Thanks so much for braving the cold and showing us these lovely photos.

    Good luck on your nuptials. How exciting!!

    Happy Spring!

    1. Oh my Lord, RIGHT? SAD is awful. It makes me feel like the Zoloft blob. Sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with it, too. I’m so glad it’s starting to get a bit warmer and sunnier here; I’m feeling almost human again! I daresay it’s ALMOST Spring!

      Here’s to the hopeful increase of bloggitivity!

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