Big Apple Ramblings

So, it’s been a whole month two months since I got back, but New York, and hanging with friends S, A and M was a blast!

S and I were on the same flight to The City and got in late on a Thursday. We rode public transportation (took it back to the airport, too; it was way easier than I thought it would be!) to our hotel in the financial district, got some pizza (not the best NY pizza I’ve had, and I accidentally didn’t have anymore the rest of the trip! Boo.) and hit the hay.

Late during the night, M made her way to to hotel and we all woke up Friday morning ready for adventure, which started with a trip to the TKTS booth at South Street Seaport, where I discovered that my camera was possessed. :( We’re talking weird fuzzy display and not responding when I pressed the power button.  I got a few pictures and then abandoned all hope of it working for the rest of the trip.


Then, we spent some time shopping and attended the Pattern Review Little Black Dress 12th anniversary party at Elliott Berman! Way fun, and many thanks to my non-sewing friends for coming along with me.  :) I met a couple of nice PR members as well as founder Deepika, and there’s nothing like free wine.

Deepika was kind enough to pose for a pic with me!

I also spotted Oona Balloona, and took a photo (well, two, and both blurry like this) of her from behind like a creeper instead of introducing myself.  I just never got up the nerve.  Yes, even I can be shy!


Then, we saw Once. Wonderful music, sweet message, great show.

I got yelled at by a theater employee for taking this photo. :P I didn’t realize the performance had begun.  Oops.

Saturday we started off at an adorable cafe around the corner from our hotel, and then M arrived! We spent the rest of the day in Brooklyn, checking out Smorgasburg and the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, which were both kind of awesome! We saw Pearl and the Beard play, and until they started I didn’t realize that I had seem and loved them before in Wisconsin when they opened for Ingrid Michaelson. Score!

IMG_2656Food Tent Bliss

Great view of The City

Brooklyn Night Bazaar!

Pearl and The Beard

Sunday brought us to Central Park…

IMG_2674A gorgeous Autumn day…

…and the Met. Oh how I love the Met; it’s the best museum ever! Sunday night we also saw an Upright Citizens Brigade show. I don’t think we really ever stopped moving the entire trip; my feet certainly were feeling it at the end of every day!

Our last day was Monday, where we spent some time at the Bryant Park Winter Village, a couple of us ice skated, and we said our goodbyes.


Here are some random photos of sweets I drooled over or ate:


Then, I met up with friend Z, who is living with her husband in NYC for a year (how cool is that?) for some much needed FABRIC SHOPPING.

I was much more reserved than I thought I’d be. I had all of these plans about how I was going to get my ginormous haul home.  Thought I would need to buy one of those shitty suitcases (or duffel bags) that are everywhere and check a bag, and Z even offered to bring it all back with her the next time she came back to Wisconsin, but in the end I just carried it on the plane in a shopping bag. So, it wasn’t such a ginormous haul.

That being said, I still bought a lot of fabric by every day fabric buying standards. Here it is:

The Haul.  Also got some nice woven interfacing, which is hanging out to the right.

We visited quite a few places, and I ended up buying fabric from Mood, Paron Fabrics (my fav fabric store when I was a student at FIT, and I had a Groupon!), Spandex World, and Metro Textiles.

DSCF6035Rayon jersey, stretch lace, cotton spandex jersey; oh my!

My favorite casual fabrics are the black and charcoal striped rayon jersey (Spandex World), or the really yummy teal bamboo/spandex jersey (Mood).  For fancy fabrics, I really love the universe-esque silk and gorgeous purple silk charmeuse, both from Paron.


My favorite buying experience was definitely at Metro; I bargained with Kashi and he repeatedly told me that I was “killing him” with what I was asking to pay for these two fabrics.  Teehee.

DSCF6036Rayon jersey (I think) and a lovely stretch woven in a fantastic print.

You’ll be proud to hear that I’ve already used a couple cuts of my haul! It hasn’t just entered the stash to wait years to be used.  Speaking of which, I have such a crazy FO backlog; I have at least 6 10 things that need to be blogged.

In conclusion:  I <3 NY.


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