Ready for Gotham

Hey there! I don’t have anything to show you today, but I’m excited. Realllly excited.


I’m going to New York City tomorrow!  My plane takes off in T minus 24 hours, if all goes as planned.

It has been eight years (and change) since I was there last, and, not coincidentally, eight years since I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (and UW-Madison).

I decided fairly quickly in my year at FIT that New York wasn’t quite my place. The dirty streets, people peeing in the subway, the stank of hot dog carts, the lack of trees and green overall, weren’t quite my bag.

Even so, a love of New York City seeped into my pores. I started kind of liking the smell of smoke (which I obtained second hand from cig wielding strangers on the street), figured out the subway system (not without some trial and error), and before long was confidently providing directions to many a confused, map toting tourist.  We came to have a comfortable familiarity, NYC and I.

And now I get to go back, with friends, to visit. I can’t wait for the pizza, the bagels, and the experience of going back to the only place I’ve ever lived besides where I grew up.

I’m hoping to hit the Pattern Review 12th birthday party at Elliott Berman tomorrow, but I’m not completely sure I’ll be there. Let me know if any of you will be! I’ll be the pale, dark blond chick stroking all of the fabrics and probably not wearing a little black dress. I don’t own one, and I don’t have a good reason why.  Unless I go nuts and whip one up tonight…

Oh, fabric shopping in NYC; how divine. When I get back, I’ll be sure to share all of the lovely finds I pick up.

I also have a pile up of a few things I’ve made that still need photographing and blogging:

– self drafted Old Navy fold over skirt
– Yellow Tail Camisole
– Ooh La La Leggings: active wear style
– McCall’s 6844: peplum sweater cardi
– Vogue 8831: jersey cowl top



3 thoughts on “Ready for Gotham”

  1. Have fun in New York! Can’t wait to see your finished version of mccalls 6844, I have it sitting in my to do pile and haven’t seen any finished versions yet

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