Parfait à la AB

This pattern is an oldie but a goodie:  Colette Parfait!
Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)

I whipped it up in an easy breezy Amy Butler Cameo collection cotton voile – Josephine’s Bouquet in Ink.  Oh how wonderful this fabric feels…I wish you could pet it through the internet.  It greatly increases my desire for some Liberty Lawn.


I’m not really sure what I think about this silhouette in this fabric.  The print is so busy that the fun lines of the dress are lost from afar.  Plus, there’s the matter of my scheisse-y matching skillz on the skirt front.  I really did try, which just makes it sadder.  Hey, at least they all line up horizontally!

Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)

I matched the skirt back decidedly more successfully.

I cut this bad boy out late on a Saturday night (fueled by a Starbucks bottled iced coffee that I should not have consumed at 10 pm which led to 3 am bedtime) and finished sewing the buttons on by early Tuesday evening.  Less than four days from start to finish.  That’s speed demon pace in my sewing room!

Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)
I’ve made this dress once before, so I knew what adjustments I’d need to make – no muslin needed!  I used Martha’s Heirloom batiste in Robin’s Egg from Martha Pullen to line the dress, since I have trouble with the facings flipping out all of the time with my last Parfait.  So annoying.

Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)

The ribcage on my Dragon Dress (or Dargon Dress, as Mr. 5 affectionately calls it) is just a bit tight, so I added another 1/8″ at least side seam for a total of 1/2″ extra all around.

Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)

I also added a bit of an FBA to make some more room for my…ahem…girls.  Another 1/2″ on each side gives me another inch all around to work with, and it was just the right amount!

Colette Patterns "Parfait" FBA

Sorry about the fold lines; had to get this pattern piece out of storage.

There’s some bodice that doesn’t quite lie flat near my ‘pits, but this happened with my last Parfait and just kind of smoothed itself out with wear over time, but I’ve made a note of how much it needs to be adjusted so I can alter the bust for any future Parfaits.

Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)

I applied the interfacing to the lining pieces instead of the shell; it just always seems wrong to me when pattern directions tell you to apply it to an outward facing fabric.  Though, with the curve and gathers, I’ve decided in hindsight that I should’ve just put it where Colette told me to.  Oh well; still functional!

Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)

Not sure where that weird wrinkle came from.

I decided to skip the pockets once again.  Not sure If I’ll ever use them, but they do add a cute little something.

I thought about just sewing the straps on instead of using the flap and button approach, but decided to keep the latter and found some fun buttons!

Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)

Overall, it fits pretty well and I love the silhouette (obv, since this is my second go at it).  It is a well drafted pattern that I’m sure I’ll get additional use from in the future.  I’ve always thought a corduroy Parfait would be fun for Fall…

Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)

As I mentioned in my last post, this dress was intended to be used as an engagement photo dress, but I’m not so sure of it anymore.  It’s cute, but I don’t know if it’s emblazoned on professional photographs forever cute.  I’m thinking I’ll just keep cranking out some dresses and we’ll see which ones win.  :)

Colette Patterns "Parfait" (take two)


12 thoughts on “Parfait à la AB”

  1. I think that this is a really lovely dress! The colour on you is just gorgeous and I was just admiring your pattern placement on the centre front bodice right before reading that you weren’t so pleased with the pattern placement on the skirt – tbh, I hadn’t noticed!

  2. I think this is an awesome dress, pattern, fabric, etc. looks great on you! I had not noticed the pattern placement and think you are looking at it with a biased eye! You did a great job and it looks fabulous on you. Enjoy!

  3. I think the wrap dress would make lovely engagement photos!! We just did jeans and sweaters…

    I want to know what you’re looking at up yonder in so many photos. YOu look a bit suspicious of a bird carrying a load or something. ;) (For those who don’t know; I tease mercilessly about her blog fashion photos. Bad me!)

  4. Hi, do you have any details on how you did the FBA on the Parfait dress? I need to do this, PLUS I need to add a little width to the waistline. I guess I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get the pieces to fit together right on my own.

    1. Hey Melissa! Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond. I thought I used a tutorial over at Colette, but can’t seem to find one!

      Based on that, I believe I pretty much just did a standard FBA and added to the gathers instead of taking a dart. I can probably draw you a quick pic if you need it; let me know!

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