The Awesomesauce Dress

This dress rocks.

Vogue 1027

It’s damn cute, it was easy to make, and wearing it feels like PJs. Public appropriate PJs are really the rockingest thing ever.  I wore it to my cousin’s outdoor wedding this Labor Day weekend:  both the festivities, and this dress, were awesome.

Vogue 1027

This is Vogue 1027, which was one of Pattern Review’s Best of 2008. I can see why. It’s so fab. *gush gush gush*  Thx Donna Karan.

Vogue 1027

I’ve had this seagull laden fabric in my stash forever and a day. I got it at Joann Fabrics, of all places, and it’s a wondrous, substantial rayon/spandex blend, as far as I can discern.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

Vogue 1027

I didn’t change much on this puppy.  I shortened the skirt 4 inches, only used one line of stitching, instead of two, around the arms and neckline, and omitted the waist elastic.  It’s definitely quite long, so unless you’re very tall, you’ll probably need to lop some of it off.  I’m 5’4″, for reference.  This dress also seems to be pretty much made for a larger chest – no FBA (full bust adjustment) needed!  So, if you’re on the more petite side up top, an SBA (small bust adjustment) may be in order.

Vogue 1027

That being said, there are a few things I will change on the next round.  Instead of just folding and sewing the neckline, I’ll sew a band of self fabric on, turn it to the inside, and sew again to secure.  I may even stick some knit interfacing onto that self fabric band.  I’m afraid that this dress will stretch a lot over time using the method that the pattern directs.  I hope not, since I really dig it, but only time will tell.

Vogue 1027

I will also cut two of the ties so they were finished on both sides.  The prescribed narrow hem treatment isn’t as finished looking as I would like, and I had a couple of people comment that seeing the wrong side of the fabric is distracting.

Vogue 1027

Vogue 1027

Bottom line: This dress really floats my boat. I already have plans for another!

Vogue 1027

Speaking of wedding related business, Mr. 5 and I will be having our engagement photos taken later this month. Squee!  I already have one dress done, which has yet to be blogged, and have plans for one more.

More on that soon!


24 thoughts on “The Awesomesauce Dress”

  1. Very cute dress, I love the birds. If the ties bother you, you could always slip-stitch the wrong sides together from the ends up to the point where your knot is. I hadn’t noticed before you said something ;)

  2. The dress is awesomesauce indeed!! I see what you mean about finishing both sides of the tie; I have plans for a similar dress sometime in the future and this tip is very helpful.

    I thought this was a wrap dress and thought it was complicated and beyond my skill level but from your pics, it looks more like stylish mock wrap dress with ties. That’s what’s making me want to give it a try. That and the no FBA. ;)

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