Me-Made-May ’13, Week 5 Recap

Umm.  Yeah.  I know we’re a week past May now, but after my loungewear posting frenzy last week, I kind of got tired and took a wee break.  So, finally, here’s my Me-Made-May week 5 Recap!

I got really tired of asking Mr. 5 to take my picture every day, and it shows.  You’ll see what I mean…

May 27th

#mmm13 Day 19:  May 27th
#mmm13 Day 19:  May 27th

Me Made: Simplicity 5778 dress.
Sandals: Mudd

Wore this on Memorial Day!  Been meaning to fix (I’ll explain later) and blog this puppy…

May 28th

#mmm13 Day 20:  May 28th
#mmm13 Day 20:  May 28th

Me Made: Colette Ceylon (unblogged)
Cardigan:  Can’t remember the brand, but got it from Costco (ha!) a couple of months ago.  ;)
Sandals: Mudd (again)

I decided it was time to crack out my Ceylon, which doesn’t quite fit me right, but whatever. I also decided to librarian it up with this cardi. I was running out of things to wear that were work appropriate. And I use that term very loosely, as we’re allowed to wear pretty much whatever we want to work. I just didn’t want to wear anything super fancy or borderline naughty.

May 29th

#mmm13 Day 21:  May 29th

Me Made: Dirndl skirt with elastic waistband (self drafted; if you can call a dirndl skirt that…haha)
Sleeveless top: Mossimo

See what I mean?  I didn’t take any photos of me wearing anything for the last three days of May. I had all of my outfits piled on my dresser, intending to put them each on and take a photo as if I’d done it properly the day of. Nope, didn’t happen. So, I did the next best thing and laid them all out on my bed, but apparently I couldn’t be bothered to take a photo in focus…haha…

May 30th

#mmm13 Day 22:  May 30thI seriously took some crappy photos…

#mmm13 Day 22:  May 30th

Me Made: Butterfly Dress by Jennie Atkinson in Rowan Kidsilk Haze/Night, and self drafted double knit slip
Cardigan: Worthington

Kind of wish I had gotten a better photo, or a photo of this one on…she sure is a pretty knit lace dress! If you’re a Ravelry member, you can see more photos here.

May 31st

#mmm13 Day 22:  May 30th

Me Made: Foldover waist jersey skirt, AKA Old Navy copy, Jalie 2919 cardi (not shown)
Sleeveless top: Old Navy

And…I decided to end Me Made May how I began it; with this simple jersey skirt. I ran out of Me Made clothes I wanted to actually wear to work (refer back to note on May 28th), so I decided this was the best route to go.

And now May is over!  HUZZAH!  Things I’ve learned:

1.  I need more separates.  Tops, shorts, skirts.

2.  I need more casual dresses (already knew this one, though!)

3.  I hate asking someone to take my picture.  Perhaps it’s time to invest in a tripod and remote for my camera?

In short:  Me-Made-May is a great concept, and it was fun, valuable exercise, but I also can’t say I’m sorry it’s over for now.  Documenting all of those outfits felt like a lot of work!  That being said, perhaps MMM & I will meet again here next year for another rendezvous?  We shall see!


3 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13, Week 5 Recap”

  1. Oooh, I love that first dress – I found and made that pattern because of your first version! Love what you did with the colorblocking, and is that a waistband you added? Can’t wait for the deets :)

  2. Ooh, the Butterfly. Still on my needles somewhere, but I got pregnant with my 2nd daughter, and yarn and thread made me nauseous so I left it untouched for years and years. I think I will pick up the needles, now I see yours, it still is soooo beautiful, one of the prettiest knitting patterns I’ve ever seen (IMHO). In short: I love it ;)
    Love the first dress too, as well as the dirndl skirt (wow, that fabric!)

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