The Lounge Wardrobe: The Robe

Last but not least, here’s the last garment from Simplicity 1720 that I’ll be sharing with you…for now. ;) After making a nightgown and a lounge set, I felt like there was a need for some additional coverage.

Simplicity 1720 E
It’s view E; the robe with sash!

Cutting and sewing this garment was pretty straight forward and hassle free. I’ve done it many times before, but can I just say that I just LOVE how most knit garments sleeves are sewn? I have an irrational hatred of set-in sleeves, so sewing on the sleeve cap and then the length of the sleeve and side seam is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

Simplicity 1720 E

Even though I felt like my view C cami turned out a bit small after I made between a small and medium, I decided to make a small in the robe because there was plenty of ease. I was glad I did; I wouldn’t have wanted anything bigger!

Simplicity 1720 E

The only thing that didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d planned were the hem and sleeve hem. The fabric is really soft and stretchy rayon/spandex jersey I got around a year ago from  It feels awesome on, but it’s not very firm, and being fairly thin, all of its stretch makes it all too easy to produce a ripply hem.  I’m not saying the fabric is crappy, but we all know that all knits are not created equal.  I sometimes use Steam a Seam 2, at the recommendation of Patty’s blog, and I think it would’ve been really helpful in this case to produce a more pleasing hem.

Simplicity 1720 E

Away from the pickiness and back to reality, though: this is not something I’ll be wearing out of the house, so it doesn’t really matter. The kids are not going to point and laugh and tell me the hem on my homemade robe is crappy. Cue flashback to middle school…kidding.  Kind of.

Simplicity 1720 E

One thing I’m thinking about, and probably will, add, would be some belt loops. A bit of loop guidance would make belting the robe so much easier.

Simplicity 1720 E


4 thoughts on “The Lounge Wardrobe: The Robe”

  1. I love that you’ve actually done the whole wardrobe! You’re doing a good promotional job for the pattern too. I do like the gathers and the neckline on the top/nightie.

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