The Lounge Wardrobe: The Nightgown

First things first: Happy Memorial Day to all of you American readers, and I just want to say how thankful I am to all of the folks who defend our country, and to their families, who must bear their absence, whether it be temporary or permanent. I am very grateful for all you do.

I’ve had this garment done since mid April or so, but I haven’t gotten around to blogging it until now. Meet my new nightgown, from the Simplicity 1720 pattern:

Simplicity 1720 B

It’s kind of crazy how long it’s taken me to blog this when you consider how much I adore this thing. When I bought the pattern, I wasn’t even looking for it; I just happened to page through a Simplicity catalog during a 5/$5 sale at JoAnn, and there it was! The moment I saw it, I knew it would render some great PJs…and I wasn’t wrong.

Simplicity 1720 B

OK, this is how I actually look about 5 minutes after I sit down to read a book…narcoleptic.

I ended up cutting a medium in this, and it worked out great. The neckline is a bit wide, so I probably could’ve gotten by with a small, but I wanted the gown to be roomy overall, so I stuck with a medium. I used a random organic cotton jersey that I got from ages ago that had been languishing in my stash. I made an ill-fitting T shirt a couple of years ago with some of it, but the fabric just didn’t have enough stretch for me to be happy with that T. Have to say that this nightgown was pretty much the best thing I could’ve made with this fabric.

Simplicity 1720 B

The only part of constructing this thing that made me scratch my head was the fact that the interfacing was supposed to be applied to the collar, not to the facing. I’ve seen this randomly before, but it’s so counter-intuitive to what I’ve been taught: interfacing goes on facings!

Simplicity 1720 B

I decided to stick with my guns and put the interfaced since to the inside of the nightgown. Of course, I then accidentally followed the pattern instructions and sewed the interfaced part to the dress, instead of the outer piece from the inside, putting the sewn seam on the outside of the neckline. Dummy! It ended up turning out a bit funky, as I had to turn under and then sew the outer layer down on instead of sewing the facing down on the inside, but it’s a freakin’ nightgown, so I am cool with how it ended up.

Simplicity 1720 B

As for the sleeves, I really have no comment, as they caused me no trouble at all. When I finally got the neckline stitched down, I loved the finished product so much that I wore it to sleep in two nights straight. Of course, then I went back to do the hem and it was kind of a pain in the ass, but not un-doable.

In fact, I loved this nightgown so much that I went back and made four more items from this pattern. More on those later! :)


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