Me-Made-May ’13, Week 4 Recap

The fourth week of MMM13 is now in the books… I’ve pledged to wear something handmade every weekday of May, for a total of 23 days.  I’ve now completed 18 of those 23 days.

Here’s what I wore:

May 20th

#mmm13 Day 14:  May 20th

Me Made: Simplicity 2443 dress
Sandals: Keen
Cross body bag: Relic

We were driving back from C’s wedding and our mini vacation, so I wore something niiiice and comfy for the ride.

May 21st

#mmm13 Day 15:  May 21st

Me Made: Renfrew top
Gauchos: Mossimo

We both took the day after getting back from vacation off as our “weekend,” so I just bummed around in this all day.

May 22nd

#mmm13 Day 16:  May 22nd

Me Made: Sewaholic Cambie
Cardigan: Merona

I’ve started running out of my more casual me-made clothes, so I decided to wear Cambie to work, and to a bridal expo after! There’s something strange to me about the photo; I think it’s mostly the hair in a headband, but probably also the plaid, that makes for a rather…country club-ish look. Tennis, anyone?

May 23rd

#mmm13 Day 17:  May 23rd

#mmm13 Day 17:  May 23rd

Me Made: Colette Truffle
Cardigan: Old Navy

This dress is unblogged, and I wore it for the first time to an Ingrid Michaelson concert. Man, that girl can sing. I also just realized that this is the only dress pattern that I’ve actually used twice. You can take a peek at this Truffle’s fancy silk cousin here.

May 24th
#mmm13 Day 18:  May 24th

#mmm13 Day 18:  May 24th

Me Made:  Vogue 1282 tank top
Jacket:  Old Navy
Jeans:  Old Navy
Shoes:  Mudd

It was pretty cool out again today, so I went with the top and jeans look, AKA the official casual uniform of Wisconsinites for about 8 months of the year.  I know that blues don’t all match each other that well, but I don’t really care!

You can see my Me-Made-May album here, and more Me-Made-May awesomeness here.

Let me tell you, dressing myself this week has been somewhat of an ordeal.  Sh*t is gonna get real next week…five more days of Me Made May and I really don’t know what I’m going to wear.  Steel yourself for some repeats.  It’s gonna be rough.



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