Asheville and Beyond

First of all, thanks for all of your lovely comments about my dress!  :)  Now to take the opportunity to tell you about our mini vacation + C’s wedding.

We hopped in the car (a little later than we meant to, due to me finishing the sash for the dress) and drove from Madison (south central Wisconsin) to Asheville (Western North Carolina) in one day.  I didn’t get a photo of us getting started, but here’s one a couple of hours in at an Illinois interstate oasis, where Mr. 5 snapped a pic of me for Me-Made-May:

#mmm13 Day 12:  May 16th

It took us 15 hours with stops (or was that 14 hours with a 1 hour time difference?  Either way, it was a long day), but we made it to our destination in one piece.

The next morning,  we had brunch at a super, duper delicious place, which was recommended by the bride and groom:  Tupelo Honey Cafe.  The biscuits.  The fried Okra.  Even the honey was somehow especially fantastic.  One last thing I need to mention:  sweet potato pancakes with candied pecans and peach whipped butter.  Droooooool….

Cue random photo of Mr. 5 in front of this church (or cathedral?):


We also took a bit of a stroll around downtown, where Mr. 5 spotted Earth Guild, a wonderful shop full of all sorts of crafting supplies:  basketry, spinning, yarn, leather working tools, to just name a few, and these awesome sewing patterns:

I was so tempted, but I was saved by the vestiges of my own sanity:  where the hell would I wear this?

After all of this wandering, it was time to get ready for the reason we’d come to Asheville:  to see my friend C and her fiance S tie the knot!  She was a very beautiful bride, and it was a wonderful day.

DSCF5076The picturesque venue: a working farm surrounded by majestic mountains

DSCF5105C: she’s the gorgeous bride walking down the aisle with her parents.

C bestowed me with the honor of doing a reading. :)

Mr. 5 pensively sips beer post-ceremony

Bridesmaid A and me; we’ve been friends for a long time, as well! Such a pretty lady.

My sweetie and me! <3

DSCF5177The sassy Bride and me! I didn’t realize the photos were so bad until the next day…poop. :(

The day after, it was raining, and Mr. 5 let me check out the fabric shops in the area!

Waechter’s Silk Shop was a little rich for my blood, and no one even said hello to me as I perused the store.   Can’t say I wouldn’t have loved a couple of yards of the Liberty lawn I saw there, though.

House of Fabrics is a little jewel of Asheville, with lots of quality, but attainably priced, fabrics, and I was given a warm hello when I entered.  The knits near the entrance really pulled me in, but I nearly ended up with a pretty and soft cotton voile from the sale section.

Kitsch Fabric and Craft is geared more toward the quilter, but they do have a bit of apparel fabric here and there.  It was the grittiest of the three stores, but the woman at the shop was very friendly.  :)

I didn’t actually end up buying any fabric.  Nothing really grabbed my attention.  You know how it is!  ;)

That afternoon, we headed up to Hartford, TN and did some white water rafting on the upper Pigeon River!

DSC_0013We be in da back! In front of the guide.

It was a fun time, but it left me wanting more thrills…the river has class III and IV rapids, but I’d really like to see what a river with IV and V rapids is like!  Anyone have any suggestions?  ;)

After rafting, we made our way over to Gatlinburg, TN.  I’d liken it to a hyperactive Wisconsin Dells or a compact Branson.  Take that as you will.  We stayed at a resort with river (mayhap just a creek) right next to it.


After white water rafting, we were fairly pooped, so we went out for a walk, got some dinner, (along with a sampler of 9 different beers!) picked up some peach flavored moonshine along the main drag, and made our way back to hit the hay.

The last day of our trip we went on a hike to a waterfall in the Smoky Mountains.  The trail we chose started out from a scenic motorway:


The trail seemed fairly…technical…to me, but I’m not so well traveled when it comes to hiking.


Rocks n’ roots.


Super rootastic!





Finally reached the waterfall!

Side view

It’s splashy under waterfalls.



It was only 1.2 miles each way, but it took us probably 70 minutes to walk up the mountain trail and get back down. It was a fun, sweaty time!

And, that’s really just about it. We drove to Lexington, Kentucky to stay the night so we wouldn’t have to drive the remaining 12-13 hours home all in the next day. We had pizza for dinner at a place called Smashing Tomatoes and it was so yummy.

And after all of that, we drove home.  It’s fun to see new places, but it sure is nice to be back.  :)


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