Me-Made-May ’13, Week 2 Recap

Week two has finally met its end! I haven’t had trouble figuring out what to wear yet, but I’m thinking it’s going to get a bit challenging soon…

As a reminder, I pledged to wear something handmade every weekday of May, for a total of 23 days, and I’ve completed 8 days of those 23 so far. Here’s what I ended up wearing:

May 6th

#mmm13 Day 4:  May 6th
#mmm13 Day 4:  May 6th
Sorry for the blur! I decided to take all of my Me-Made-May photos with my iPhone…and the quality is not so spectacular on some of them.

Me Made: Butterick 5778 dress
Cardigan: Worthington
Shoes: Easy Spirit (yes, I’m old)

May 7th

#mmm13 Day 5:  May 7th
#mmm13 Day 5:  May 7th

Me Made: Colette Patterns Parfait (unblogged) AKA the Dargon (yes, dargon) dress.
Necklace: Deer Necklace in white brass (I think it was called “Standing Fawn” when I bought it. :P), by Anomaly Jewelry. Love her adorable, quirky designs.

This dress is a bit tighter than when I made it for Mr. 5 and my’s first vacation together (a Caribbean cruise in October of 2011), but it still works! Used an awesome Alexander Henry Shibuki Dragon quilting cotton. Should’ve really just drafted a 1/4 or 1/2 circle skirt, to preserve the continuity of the print, but oh well! :)

May 8th

#mmm13 Day 6:  May 8th

Me Made: Calla Green Simplicity 2369 top (unblogged)
Cami: Mod Bod
Shorts: Calvin Klein
Earrings: Lia Sophia
Sandals: Keen

I finished this shirt the day of my friend Stacey’s wedding rehearsal, in June of 2011 (back in my brief bottle red-head days).

Stacey and peter

It’s made from a rayon/lycra from JoAnn of all places, which tends to pill over time, but is so soft and so nicely stretchy. When in doubt, it’s my go-to knit fabric.

May 9th

#mmm13 Day 7:  May 9th

Me Made: My beloved Jalie 2919 cardigan
Cami: Old Navy
Top: Nicole by Nicole Miller
Jeans: ANA
Shoes: Keen

Not much to say here…the weather cooled off a bit, so I was back in jeans. And I still love my cardigan.

May 10th

#mmm13 Day 8, May 10th
#mmm13 Day 8, May 10th

Me Made: Katherine Hepburn Cardigan by Kathy Zimmerman. I knit mine in “Grandma’s Blessing,” a beautiful hand dyed yarn from the absolutely wonderful Briar Rose Fibers.
Cami: Mod Bod
Jeans: Mossimo Supply Co.
Boots: SO

With a high only in the 50s today, I thought it would be appropriate to crack out a hand-knit item. As May progresses, it will only get warmer, and wool ain’t so good when it’s warm.

And…that’s all for this week, folks!

You can see my Me-Made-May album here, and more Me-Made-May awesomeness here.


7 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13, Week 2 Recap”

  1. All great outfits. You really have a knack for sewing/knitting garments that coordinate with all your RTW. Your really know what styles work for you and what colors are the best.

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