Textile Tuesday: April 2013

When I started this post, I hadn’t purchased any fabric this month. I was proud of that. And then I looked at Fabric Mart a few too many times, and I ended up buying more than I used! :/

Since last TT, I bought some patterns:


Both of which are already in progress! Hooray for not just throwing them in the pattern stash.

I bought Butterick 5030 to make C’s Rehearsal Dress (and also bought a copy in my size, ’cause I think it’s so cute looking! Teehee) and found Simplicity 1720 while paging through a pattern book at JoAnn. Totally wasn’t on my radar, but really looked like some comfortable, yet stylish, PJs, so I went for it!

I also may have picked up this Vogue classic a couple of days ago…


Just seems like my kind of dress!

And I bought this beautiful cobweb weight yarn:


Phoenix in Natural from The Gossamer Web on Etsy.


Now that is some thin thread yarn!

I’ll be using the yarn to knit a beautiful, gossamer shawl for our wedding. Squee! I’ve begun knitting the beautiful circular Evenstar with this gorgeous yarn. You can see my progress on Ravelry (must be a Rav member to view). It’s my first time working with this yarn, but I’ve knit with it enough by now to know that is is very strong for its size…the 20% silk content really keeps it from breaking. I would definitely recommend it.

I bought this Marc Jacobs denim from Mood for 50% off in March, but didn’t arrive before March’s TT. Such a bad girl I am. And really, I can’t remember the last time I actually sewed anything from denim. Perhaps it wasn’t the best impulse purchase. Awesome thing is, though, I only ordered 2.5 yards and they ended up sending me over 3.25! Plus, this it’s some really nice denim.


All for less than $20 shipped! Sweet.

I also ended up with these two pieces from Fabric Mart. The first is 3 yards of a reversible poly/rayon knit that was described as an “activewear knit” but really doesn’t have all that much stretch:


$1.80/yd. I think this will become a hoodie for Mr. 5 or a cardi for me, or both!

And I also got this swimwear/activewear fabric. It was the real reason for my order: I want to try making a swimsuit this summer! Swimwear fabric at the local JoAnn is pretty ugly and starts around $12/yd. I bought 3 yards of this and 3 yards of the fabric above for a total of $20.60 with shipping included.


$2.40/yd. Love the spasticness of it!

I fell off the fabric diet wagon for a second time and also bought another 7 yards that haven’t arrived yet, including 2 rayon prints, a bamboo knit, and an ITY knit.

2013 Fabric Stash Resolution Status
Yards purchased in April: 13
Yards used in April: 9.625

Total yards purchased: 32.50
Total yards used: 32.42

Total yards stashed (+) or used (-): 0.08
Goal on track? Whoops. :(


7 thoughts on “Textile Tuesday: April 2013”

  1. Congrats! What a challenge to make that shawl, I love it, but it also frightens me a little. Beautiful yarn! That Vogue is in my stash and high on my list too, looks pretty comfortable and it is a Best Pattern of 2008 on PR, did you know?

    1. I find that the trick to shawls is enjoying the part of the chart you’re on and not thinking about how many stitches you have left to make… :P Yes, I did know that about the Vogue! I keep seeing it random places, and on PR, and I decided I needed to pick it up. :)

  2. I’ve put myself on a fabric/pattern diet. I think I have enough now that I could sew all year and not have to make the same garment twice! Seems like you’re doing pretty good at your pledge though. I’ll have to pull inspiration from you! :D

    P.S. I just added 5030 to my stash. It’s not at the top of the pile though :/

    1. Oh Lord, me too. I have 3 overflowing boxes of patterns and enough fabric to fill the 5×5 Expedit (and then some). I feel like I could be doing just a bit better at my pledge. It’s an illness, I tell ya…a luscious, fibery illness…

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