I think I’m up for the Challenge…

I’ve been reading about Me-Made-May for years now…OK, maybe for just a couple of years (since I started reading sewing blogs).  For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read a run down of the concept here:  In a nutshell, during the month of May, sewists pledge an oath to wear a certain number of their own handmade garments on a regular self-determined basis, plus document the outfits worn.   Sounds kind of…involved, doesn’t it?

I think the concept is awesome, but when I read the pledges from various sewists, I found myself thinking that it was not something I could do myself.

I’m the kind of person who does a lot of thinking, though. The kind of person that thinks so much that sometimes she assumes she’s already told you what she’s thinking when she hasn’t because it’s been rollin’ around in the ol’ noggin so vigorously. Apparently, some part of me must think that people really ARE mind readers.

Whilst doing said copious thinking, I decided that I could make a Me-Made-May pledge. I mean, really, why the hell not? In my past sewing life (pre-blog) I tended to make a lot of pretty or fancy dresses that weren’t always so practical, but in my current sewing life, I’m working on making pieces that I can actually get some good day to day use of. And Me-Made-May is really a celebration of integrating handmade beauties into your wardrobe, is it not?

So, in that spirit, “I, Jess of the Sometimes Sewist, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavor to wear one handmade garment each weekday for the duration of May 2013.”

As you can see, I gave myself a little weekend reprieve for my first Me-Made-May, so I will only have 23 days to contend with instead of 31.  My hope is to not repeat the same item in a week, but I have a limited handmade wardrobe (that I’m willing to wear to work), so I make no promises!



8 thoughts on “I think I’m up for the Challenge…”

  1. Okay! You have thrown your hat in the ring! Good luck! You can do it. And, me? I’m going to be hanging out over here on the sidelines reading about it.

  2. Me-Made-May is a lot of fun, plus it’s a great learning experience as well. My sewing plans always change after those months when I’ve realised my gaps and what works for me, including what others like.

  3. I think you’ll have fun! I’ve done two me-made-months (and I was nervous before each too!) and they did help me see what I should be making more of, as well as made me realize that I really liked wearing things I’d made every day. I won’t be formally participating this time, but only I have a totally me-made-life now! When I look at my closet I just reach for my sewn garments by default.
    I’ll be excited to see how your month goes!

  4. Good luck – it’s a lot of fun (and your pattern wish list grows enormously) but it can be quite challenging towards the end of the month.

    1. Thanks! Shit…I hope my pattern wish list doesn’t grow too much…I already pretty much buy every pattern I’m interested in (have 3+ pattern boxes full of them!). I’m prepared to use repeats of outfits, so I think my wardrobe may end up a bit more boring near the end of the month.

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