Textile Tuesday: March 2013

So, I’ve been up to a whole lot of not much garment sewing this month. Seems like I’ve been more into reading, watching shows that people half my age enjoy (Secret Life of the American Teenager, anyone?), and continuing to sew up blocks for my Christmas quilt (LOL…I WILL FINISH IT!!! Someday.). I have, however, managed to purchase a few goodies. I sewed a bunch last month and bought very little fabric, whereas this month I sewed very little but bought a moderate amount of fabric. Oops.

My laptop also bit the dust this month, and I’m writing this blog post on my very first night with the new machine…a ThinkPad 430. I’m hoping this computer will be a utilitarian beast which will last me for years to come, instead of the paltry 2 1/2 the last one (an HP Envy 17) lasted. Crossin’ ma fingers.

My first couple of items were actually purchased in February, but were still making their way to me as of last Textile Tuesday:

Pin-up Girls Classic, duoplex fabric, und underwires auf Deutschland!

And these accompanying bit and bobs were ordered at the very beginning of March:


This month, I was (obviously) going to make a bra, and then finally sew up my Minoru, which has been traced and hanging from the closet pole in my sewing room for quite a while. Best laid, ambitious plans…

And while I had used up my entire February and March fabric/crafting/sewing pattern budget on bra supplies, I couldn’t help but place an order at Fabric Mart when the fabric I had been eyeing for a while went on sale (I’m so bad!). It’s 3 1/4 yards of a Maggy London woven that is destined to be a lovely dress:

Damask. $5.59 a yard…so pretty and shiny.

Plus, 3 yards of this navy (but almost black) lace happened to hop in my cart:

$3.00 a yard. I can totally see this in a shift dress with unlined sleeves.

As for my NYE resolution…this month, I used a mere 4 3/8 yards and brought in 6 1/4 yards, which means I stashed 1 7/8 yards. However, I am currently working on a dress I hope to finish by April 1st, so I may use more fabric yet this month. The muslin-ing isn’t going to well, though. More on that hot mess later.

2013 Fabric Stash Resolution Status
Goal:  Negative stash yardage
Total yards stashed (+) or used (-):  -6.54
Goal on track?  For now…


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