Textile Tuesday: February 2013

So, it’s Textile Tuesday again…and I have nothing to show you!  I purchased a yard of fabric a couple of days ago, but have yet to receive it.  That’s right – this month, I only bought ONE yard of fabric.

In lieu of fabric porn, I bring you pattern porn:


1. Sewaholic Renfrew because it has had such rave reviews (and I’ve already used it!  Woot!).
2. Vogue 8888 came home because, well, as I said previously, it’s freakin’ awesome and I needed to have it.
3.  Simplicity 1941, an Amazing fit pattern for a button down blouse (goes to DD cup!).
4.  Simplicity 1916 because I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about (It’s #8 in Pattern Review’s Best of 2012!)

As for my NYE resolution on using more fabric than I buy…this month, I used a whopping 10 2/3 yards (seems like a lot to me, at least!) and brought in the one yard mentioned earlier, for a net of  negative 9 2/3 yards for this month.  Needless to say, I am happy with my progress!

2013 Fabric Stash Resolution Status
Goal:  Negative stash yardage
Total yards stashed (+) or used (-):  -8.42
Goal on track?  Yes!


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