McCall’s 6612: Sweaterdress Take Two

After the crappy sweaterdress, I just could not move on to something else without creating a successful garment from McCall’s 6612.

McCall's 6612And here it is!

There really isn’t so much to say.  Took me less than an hour and a half (more Downton Abbey and one episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) to sew it up, which was pretty sweet (it was only 5 pieces…really shouldn’t have taken longer).

McCall's 6612

I decided after my fail that I probably didn’t need a 14 in the bust and hips and cut out a straight 12 instead.  The sleeves and shoulders are a little big and loose, though – I probably could’ve gone down to a 10 in them.  But, worked out just fine.

I also could’ve used a more opaque sweater knit…this one is pretty sheer (you could see ma thighs through it!) so I ended up having to wear this knit slip that I made a couple of years ago.  Makes for a not-so-smooth look because the sweater knit grabs on to it, but it’s better than showing my nether-regions to my coworkers.

McCall's 6612

I love how the waistline on this thing is so “easy” (whatever that means, but I’m gonna use it).  It’s not so tight that you see all of the lumps and bumps, but tight enough that you can see there is *some* waist definition.

DSCF4728Wore it with this cardigan most of the day. 3/4 sleeves are not made for Winter!

Conclusion?  You should make this.  Especially if you’ve just come off a sewing-fail…everyone needs a confidence booster once in a while.  Just stay away from view C, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.  ;)

McCall's 6612


16 thoughts on “McCall’s 6612: Sweaterdress Take Two”

  1. I need more easy sewing. I’m getting ready to cut the slight cowl with ruching in around this same color, with some crazy animal print leggings. The closet purge means I need some more throw on -but- cute things :)

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