February Already?

Seriously, I feel like we just celebrated New Year’s, but we’re already a few days into February!

I didn’t get everything done that I hoped to in January, but I got two out of three garments completed (and one half ass completed and subsequently trashed that we shall not speak of).  The plan for this month is:  comfort.

Yes, it’s currently 18 degrees and snowing, and all I really want is to be warm…unfortunately, pretty or sultry little dresses will not fit that need.  Shit, I would’ve hibernated for the Winter if it were an option.

Here’s the optimistic sewing forecast for this month:

McCall’s 6612

M6612VIEW D!  With 3/4 sleeves.  I shall not be defeated. In a light weight dark blue sweater knit.

Simplicity 2246

2246_2The Lisette Traveler dress. It WILL happen this month.

In red and black flannel (left)

McCall’s 6513

Been meaning to make this for years! Still deciding between a sweater knit and jersey.  I really want it to be sweater-like, but fear there won’t be the appropriate amount of stretch for the top to really shine.

Sewaholic 1201 (AKA Renfrew)


I FINALLY got around to buying this pattern yesterday from Pink Chalk Fabrics.  It’s about time!  I live in T shirts.

So, two dresses and two shirts.  I think it’s doable, but we’ll see what happens!  You never know when a spastic sometimes sewist is going to get distracted…


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