McCall’s 6612: The Crappy Sweaterdress

Here ye olde sweaterdress be, in all her crappy glory:

DSCF4700Sooooo unflattering. I think the long johns and thick socks almost improve the whole look.

This pattern has very few parts and is really easy to put together.  Unless you choose view C and don’t take fabric behavior into account.


I started tracing my pattern at 8:00 pm, whilst watching Downton Abbey, (season 3, episode 4, AKA “OMG, no Downton, no! ” So heartbreaking.  I seriously almost cried.) followed by The Office reruns, and had my fabric cut out by 9:30 or so (OK, I’m a little slow.  Plus, watching Downton Abbey).  If all had gone well, I bet an hour or two of sewing after this and I would’ve been done.

The sizing on this pattern is actually pretty accurate, unlike most patterns for knits I’ve come across (AKA it actually takes the fact that you don’t need ease in knits into account).  I ended up cutting a 14 in the bodice front (Another cheat FBA), 12 in the waist, shoulders and bodice back, and a 14 in the hips.

I originally planned to make a short version of view D with sleeves, but after cutting the front, back and sleeves, I didn’t have enough of my awesome will rib knit left for the cowl.  Poop.  :(

View C it is!

I really should’ve thought it over more, seeing how stretchy my sweaterknit was, but I just went along with the instructions and folded over a narrow hem, stitching using a walking foot:


I knew in the back of my mind this was a distinct probability.  Shit.  So, I decided to try sewing some clear elastic to the neckline, which didn’t help much.


So, I ripped all of that crap out.  I really liked this fabric (first really substantial sweaterknit I’ve bought from and, for f*cks sake, I was going to “make it work!”

Next try:  banded neckline.  I felt like the neck on this was too open for its own good anyway.

Umm…not quite.

And, with that, I shall not attempt view C again…I didn’t even bother hemming the sleeves or skirt.  This particular failure was a culmination of small missteps.  I should’ve tried the banded neckline off the bat:  the neck would’ve gotten a lot less stretched.  However, even that may not have saved this particular dress, since there is just too much stretch and not enough recovery in this fabric.  Plus, as I sit here writing this, still wearing the offending garment, I am getting itchy.  And this sweaterknit collects dog hair like a lint roller.  Perhaps this failure is a blessing in disguise!

This is such a great, versatile, SIMPLE pattern, though…I will definitely try whipping up the cowl or drape-neck in jersey at some point.

Sometimes shit just don’t work out.  NEXT!


7 thoughts on “McCall’s 6612: The Crappy Sweaterdress”

  1. I made view b of this pattern. I like it but found that the amount of fabric on the shoulder is so narrow. No clue what that part of the dress is called. From the neck edge to the start of the sleeve. Btw what does one do with projects that don’t work out?! Are we allowed to throw them out at some point?

    1. I’d call that the shoulder, just like you did! :) I am totally throwing this dress in the trash…it’ll be out by the curb tonight. If I thought I could salvage the fabric and turn it into something else, I would. But as it is, it needs to be gone.

      1. I can almost see a future quilt or crafting project!!!! Would love to get my hands on all that fabric……..

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