Textile Tuesday – January 2013

It’s Textile Tuesday again!  Oh how fast the months do go.  First things first, though:


john cruise
You’re my favorite.  <3

And now on to the goodies.  If you recall, I made a New Years resolution to not buy more yards of fabric than I use.  I have since decided that’s not quite stringent enough, and it is thus amended to “I will use MORE yardage than I buy.”  I’m not going to be super specific about what that means, but I need to have a fabric deficit by the end of the year.  At least that’s what the laundry baskets of fabric that don’t fit in my Expedit bookcase tells me.

To help track my goal, I’ve set myself a crafting budget of $50 a month on Mint, and have created a handy dandy spreadsheet (oh how I love spreadsheets!  Is that weird?)

January spreadsheet

This all being said, I did make a pretty big purchase from Fabric Mart since the last Textile Tuesday…the order was placed before I settled on my fabric resolution, but received after.  Seems like cheating, but I’m not including it in my 2013 fabric acquisitions because it was purchased in 2012.  Oh well, I make ma own rules!!!  Here’s what I got in that shipment:

4 yards, already sewn into McCall’s 6713! Though, I got a great deal on it so I bought a bunch…still have about 1 1/2 yards left for more catty fun!

3 yards of beautiful SILK jersey. I have enough to make a simple dress, and that is what it shall be! It may take a while to figure out what’s worthy of this sumptuous textile…

A lovely crimson supplex knit. AKA workout fabric! I also bought a buttload of this (seriously, what am I going to do with 4 1/4 yards of this? I might actually have to keep that resolution about working out…shit.) My other thought is Vogue 8705.

3 1/2 yards of this tangerine organic cotton (it’s wrinkly ’cause I’m lazy). The color is much brighter than it appeared on my screen, (yuck) and it doesn’t feel like anything special to the touch. This seems to happen every time I order organic fabric…it never feels nice! Must be all of those lovely chemicals that make non-organic fabrics so yummy to the touch.  I have no clue what I’m going to do with this stuff.

And now on to the first order of the year, from – and the start of tracking for the great destash of 2013 (OK, it probably won’t be that great, but I’m going to try!):

wool rib knit
2 yards of ribbed wool sweater knit.  I’m totally in the process of making a sweater dress from McCall’s 6612 out of this.

Van Gogh Rayon Challis Splatter Fuchsia
3 1/2 yards of pretty Van Gogh watercolor style rayon challis.  This fabric feels amazing…will be awesome for a flirty Spring or Summer dress!

Greenfield Hill Voile Mrs Aster Cranberry
3 1/2 yards of sweet cotton voile.  This also feels so delicious…can’t wait to sew it into a pretty little Spring dress.

So far, resolution-wise, I’m doing OK….a little on the wrong side of negative stashing, but the year has just begun!  Plus, that order from was very well chosen – I love all three pieces I ordered!  I don’t know about you, but that rarely happens for me:  there are usually one or two pieces I wish I had passed on.

In the full interest of crafty disclosure, here are the patterns I purchased this month:


Speaking of which, here are the wonderful sewing related gifts I received for Christmas and my birthday!  I am a spoiled, spoiled girl:

Gertie‘s book, a fitting book, and shiny Gingher thread snips from Mr. 5

A point presser and clapper (great for working with iron-sensitive fabrics!  Next time I work with silk, I’ll be all set) from my parents.

2013 Fabric Stash Resolution Status
Goal:  Negative stash yardage
Total yards stashed (+) or used (-):  +3 1/4
Goal on track?  No.  :(


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