The Puma Dress

3. Pu-ma n.: A woman in her sexual prime between the ages of 30-39 who prefers to date younger men. The term “puma” does not apply to women before their 30s, and should never be confused with the titles “Cougar” (ages 40-49) and “Jaguar” (ages 50+).

McCall 6713McCall’s 6713

OK, so it’s really more leopard than Puma, but I’m not old enough to be a Cougar…

McCall 6713

Pumas enjoy variety: alternate styling!

McCall 6713

Oh God, please spare all from the wrath of the Puma.

McCall 6713

A snowy Wisconsin back yard is highly appropriate for Jungle January.

Though, this dress made me  feel like I should be hanging out on the Jersey shore…

jersey_shore_leopard_print_minPhoto credit: Posh 24

Turns out, all that separates us from the savages is sleeves. Thank goodness for sleeves.

McCall 6713

Sometimes the cat-like tendencies come off a little apathetic. Though, there’s nothing more cat-like than apathy.

McCall 6713

Holy leopard print!  Holy white-ass legs!  You totally thought I was wearing tights or pantyhose.  Nope.

McCall 6713

It’s really all in the details.

McCall 6713

McCall 6713Very 80s shoulder pad look. (sans shoulder pads)

McCall 6713
Side drape. Did you even see it hiding in the brush?

McCall 6713
Top down drape view

I had originally envisioned McCall’s 5752 for this dress, but after opening it up, I realized it bears many construction similarities to Vogue 8825, which I made last year.  I love that dress, but I wanted to try something a little different.  I just hit the fabric store last week for new patterns and happened to come home with McCall’s 6713:

M6713There will be no biking in mine.  I dig the handbag, though.

I quickly decided that view D (AKA Winter’s friend) would become my contribution to Jungle January.

I knew that I would need to do something in the way of a full bust adjustment (FBA), based on the way some of my past knit garments have fit.  So, I started out using the approach shown here.  However, since this pattern has a bodice lining (weird, right?) with a dart, and a dartless bodice, I quickly realized that I had no idea how to accurately alter them separately so they fit together.  Especially given the approach here, which seems sound (in a wrap bodice you need to adjust bust fullness to the opposite side of the pattern as well).  So instead, I did a cheat FBA – added 1/2″ to the bottom edge of the middle bust and trued in to the side seams.  Works for me!

The whole thing went together fairly quickly, based on how many pieces there were to it (5 or 6 hours in total).  Of course, I would’ve saved some time if I hadn’t sewn the motherf*ckin’ sleeve INSIDE OUT:

photo (3)What a rookie mistake.  Is there much worse than having to rip out a serged seam?  Absolutely, but it still sucks ass.

Speaking of the inside, here it is:

DSCF4638It’s a leopard print dress.  There was just no way I could use another color serger thread.  I like to call this “cougar red.”

And because I think it really tops the whole thing off, here’s the color thread I used for the sewing machine:

DSCF4636All of my grandma’s socks were approximately this taupe color.  I have one pair of socks the same color and lovingly refer to them as my “gramma socks.”

So, there you go.  A whole lot of Puma, constructed with gramma sock and cougar red thread.  Rawr!


18 thoughts on “The Puma Dress”

  1. hahaha love it. Ok I am a Puma then since my hubby is younger and I am 34! I was beginning to worry! Love the dress, never been a massive fan of animal print as it can look cheap very fast, but you’ve made it a decent length and yes the sleeves have placed you quite a few notches up on the evolutionary ladder from the spray tan brigade! Love it paired with the red too, very sexy without being slutty :D

  2. Oh la la – very nice – loving that fabric.. and being a “rookie” I have made exactly that same error of sewing the sleeve inside out. I feel your pain. I didn’t bother undoing the serged stitches – I just threw it out. Glad you went to the effort – that is a stunner of a dress.

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