New Spring Vogue Patterns!

I got an exciting email this morning that heralded the arrival of NEW Vogue patterns! I love seeing, and then acquiring, new patterns.  I probably have more patterns than I will ever sew through (similar to my fabric hoarding situation), but I just can’t help myself when I see brand new, shiny, beautiful patterns!

Here are the ones I love this time around:

V888: beautiful lingerie (hell, any lingerie) is so rare to find in the Big 4. This pattern comes with 2 pretty chemises, as well as a flirty tank and shorts, as well as the robe pictured. You seriously have to click on the picture and see all of the options.  I’m so smitten with them.  I have some stretch lace and stretch silk in my stash that will be awesome for some of these pieces. Next $3.99 Vogue sale, this one shall be mine.

V8884: Love the clean lines of this sleek trench coat. The details of view C are wonderful.  Though, I will resist adding this to my collection because I have two other coats I’m hoping to make, (a Minoru and a Lady Grey) and already own some other random coat patterns.

V1344: A cute, simple, easy to wear Spring dress with some pretty details. Plus, an elastic waist!  Gogo easy fitting! Neckline gaping could be a potential issue, though.

V8890: Menswear! Like the allusive lingerie, there isn’t much of this when it comes to Vogue, or the Big 4 in general. This is one snappy looking suit!

And here are the ones I wanted to love:

V1342: Ruching…so much ruching. I am so attracted to patterns like this. However, I cannot in good conscience purchase this pattern, because I will never make it based on the back view. Seriously, it looks like the model’s ass is chomping on the skirt.

V8870: It’s cute, but it’s sort of like V1344, without the extra pretty details. AKA kind of boring. The only reason to choose this one over that would be for the spaghetti strapped version.

V8879: This is potentially a pretty great T shirt pattern. Until you see View B and want to either hide from the world or cast it off into the darkness. Vogue 8879, I shall judge you by your peers.  Speaking of which, I really need to get it over with and drop the cash on Renfrew.  I know it will be worth it.

You can find hilarious criticism of some of the other (heinous) patterns in the Vogue Spring collection over at Lladybird (which is also where I first noticed the back view of V1342).  Lauren can really say it like no other.

Also, speaking of hoarding sewing supplies, Fabric Mart (AKA my new favorite place to buy fabric online) just reached 20,000 Facebook fans and has free shipping if you spend $40 right now!  I asked them how long this would be for, and it seems like probably just for yesterday and today, so if you were looking for something there, now’s the time to jump on it!

Sadly, I’ve already exhausted my craft budget for this month, and I have my New Years resolution to sew more yardage than I buy to contend with, so I’ll have to pass this time around.

5 thoughts on “New Spring Vogue Patterns!”

  1. I got really excited when I saw new patterns released – but what a let down. Have all styles been released so pattern companies just rehash previous patterns?

    1. Seems like it! I will probably only be buying the lingerie pattern I gushed about – the rest (except for the men’s suit) are very similar to patterns I already have. I’ve felt pretty let down by the rest of the Big 4 lately, too.

  2. It’s funny – after reading your blog and commenting, I scooted over to Lladybird’s blog and maybe rehash is the wrong word, They look the same old patterns from the front but what the heck is going on at the back!!!! What do they think we sewists want.

    1. That’s a really good question! Some of them are quite odd.

      Yes, she’s great, isn’t she? I totally got the email about the new patterns and then went right to her blog to see what she had to say. Then, I went to Vogue and picked out all of the patterns I liked (which, sadly, wasn’t many). Her slant definitely colored my opinion on a couple of them!

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