January musings galore!

So, the New Year is finally starting to settle in…how’s that writing “2013” going for you? I’ve typed and written 2012 more than a few times thus far. Thank goodness I don’t write too many checks anymore!

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over, I have time to be a selfish, selfish sewist and make myself some more duds! I have three things I aim to make this month; here they are in no particular order!

A flannel shirtdress

I’m going to tuck into the beloved Lisette Traveler dress, even though it’s definitely Winter here and it only has 3/4 (or is it half?) sleeves. Whatever, I do what I want! There’s always slappin’ a chunky ass cardigan on top of this puppy.

Simplicity Creative Group © 2013

I’m going to use the flannel that I purchased while I was on vacation in Arkansas last year.

On da left!

It’s pretty funny that I happened upon that particular flannel colorway while looking for a fabric for this dress, because I was originally inspired by Andrea’s Lumberjane dress that I originally found on PR, which is also made of red and black flannel.

A sophisticated frock

January also happens to be my Birthday Month, and it’s not just any birthday…it’s the one that will make my Gravatar description of my age obsolete. So, I’m pretty sure that I will require a pretty little birthday dress for said occasion. My original thought was making this very lovely Burda dress from the 12/2011 issue, which had previously been a Christmas dress contender:


Made of this lovely silk charmeuse.

I’ve never worked with a Burda pattern before, though…so that feels a bit daunting.

On top of that, I just bought some very lovely white and black large scale wave-patterned SILK JERSEY, (my first!) and so have become conflicted.


Knit garments are definitely easier to fit and I am kind of itching to work with it (no matter which terrors I hear of in the name of SILK JERSEY!!!)

A Cougar dress

Rawr!!! Ok, actually it’s a leopard print dress…for JUNGLE JANUARY! (see right) When Anne announced there would be a month of animal print wonder on her blog, I just couldn’t help but join in. And I don’t even wear animal prints…her enthusiasm is that infectious! For the occasion, I picked up this bitchin’ ITY jersey at Fabricmart for the ridiculously awesome price of about $2 a yard.

You should’ve seen Mr. 5’s face when I cracked this out…teeeeehee

This is the front runner for this dress, but I’m still considering my options. I love how the short sleeved version looks, so I’m leaning toward view B, but I would also really like something long sleeved that would be practical for Winter. In any case, there’s always wearing a cardigan:

mccall 5752

So, that’s the plan!  I am hoping to make 3 dresses in a climate where the average high this month will be 26 F (honestly, when I looked it up, I was expecting it to be worse). The best use of my Winter sewing time? I dunno, but the sewist’s heart wants what it wants!

It does jive with my hope to actually wear dresses in the Winter. Note to self: must invest in some glorious tights.


9 thoughts on “January musings galore!”

  1. You aren’t old enough to be a cougar- but I respect your enthusiasm! heehee! Hey, will you underline the flannel or anything? I’ve been thinking about a flannel dress and worried about static- whats your secret?

    1. Girl, I am a cougar at heart when it comes to the JJ. I won’t be underlining the flannel…I figure, the only reason to wear flannel is to feel how lovely it is against your skin. No point in looking like a lumberjack if there isn’t some benefit! I will just cross my fingers and hope the static isn’t too bad. ;)

  2. Great plans – loving that silk jersey and can’t wait to see it sewn up. Looking forward to seeing your contribution to Jungle January too.

    And happy big birthday when it arrives.

  3. Great plan! As for the Burda dress, I was raised on Burda so I am biased in loving it and cheering you on. But my personal experience with Burda is that once you figure out your size, and your alterations (1m53/5fter here!) you are set for life. Their draft is that reliable. Also, this French sewalong might inspire you:
    This is the initiator’s blog with the links to the other participants. I love that dress so much (though I suspect it has the typical Burda pechonalidad isssues so whatch out for the cleavage). I also want to participate to the Jungle January just need to plan out my sewing, soon. Good luck!

    1. That’s really awesome to know about Burda! I did decide to go ahead with the dress from 12/2011 for my birthday, and it has been quite interesting thus far…and I’m definitely dealing with the cleavage issue you suspected!

      Thank you so much for the link – I’ve had trouble finding finding people’s take on the dress throughout blogland. It will certainly be useful to see what others think!

  4. Yay winter dresses! I also have trouble sewing seasonally-appropriate clothes too, but we have to do what makes us happy! You should definitely invest in some fleece-lined tights, though. I live in mine during the winter, they are sooooooo cozy!

    1. Ooo…do you have a recommendation on a brand? I thought about maybe getting some fancy Smartwool tights, but they almost seem more like something you’d wear under other clothing to stay warm.

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