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My Best of 2012

It seems fitting to end 2012 with a review of my year of making! Here’s a lineup of the garments these two hands churned out in my first six months of blogging.

Butterick 5778 DSCF2645 DSCF2838 Sewaholic Cambie Vogue 1282 Vogue 1282 DSCF3063 Simplicity 1784 Sewaholic Thurlow Jalie 2919 Simplicity 2172 DSCF3860 Christmas Cardigans!  Jalie 2919

And here are some of the other projects I took on this year.

DSCF2606 IMG_1598 Pfeffernuesse! Chocolate Dipped Pretzels Aunt Diana's Kahlua Fudge Make your own Christmas stocking from an existing one! Peanut Brittle! Untitled DSCF4470 DSCF4473

Since I’ve only been blogging for a short time, I decided to choose my top 3 favorite projects of the year. I was going to do the bottom 3 least favorite, too, but I decided to just leave some of those bad memories in this year rather than drag them along for the New Year. ;)


Make your own Christmas stocking from an existing one!

Why it’s on the list: Has to do more with sentimental reasons than anything – spending first Christmas living with Mr. 5. <3 Bonus? Finally found a use for some of this delightful quilting cotton!

#2 – Jalie 2919

Jalie 2919

Why it’s on the list: Because the ease of construction to wearability ratio is very high. I wear it ALL of the time, and loved it so much I made some for the women in my family for Christmas! I plan to make an oatmeal colored light sweater knit version in the near future.

#1 – Simplicity 2172


Why it’s on the list: Because I’m proud I actually finished it, and on time! Plus, I won the Pattern Review costume contest with it, which was very exciting. Speaking of which, I just realized the other day that I forgot to share my prize with you:

Thank you so much, Schmetz!

With all of that said, I will bid you a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. See you in the New Year and thank you for making my first few months blogging a blast! :)


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