Textile Tuesday – December 2012

It’s that time again…to show off my new sewing acquisitions. I know I said after my naughty fabric splurge of October that I wouldn’t be buying fabric until the new year, but pretty fabric makes me weak…so weak. We’ll just say that Anne, *ahem*, inspired my purchase by making her own.

But, enough talk. Here are the beauties I acquired from Fabric Mart!

I bought two different modal/lycra knits, and they are both delicious, but the black is so wonderfully substantial and spongy, and the aquamarine is a whopping 78″ wide! They’re pretty awesome for only $7/yd


I also picked up this wonderfully soft Maggie London challis rayon print. I have my all of the things I order delivered to work, and when I showed this fabric to my boss, she said it looks like eyes. I cannot disagree. LOL. I shall make some rude, staring garments with this stuff! At $3/yd I’m very happy with my choice.


These are worsted wool crepes. From the picture online I thought the powdery blue would be a bit more gray, but as it is, it wins the “least favorite” award of the bunch. Stupid color differences in monitors (also, for the life of me, I couldn’t get an accurate photo of the color. It’s way darker than it looks below). It’s nice and thick in a way that everyone I showed it to asked if it was for a tablecloth. :P $6.50/yd for both.


…and here’s the other – a light celadon/lavender combination that basically equals gray. Has a nice hand and I’m very happy I purchased it. Now to figure out how to pre-treat these wools (avoiding dry cleaning unless necessary…)


They had this dark purple poly pongee in the $1/yd section, so I decided to go for it. I think it will make awesome lining fabric…too bad I didn’t get it in some more colors! But, you never know what things you order online will be like.


Lastly, here are the freebies they threw in since I spent enough money.  :P


I like two of the three of them; I think that’s pretty good for something just randomly thrown in with an order! The checked is the thickest, the pink has a bit of stretch, and the olive green has a dull satin face.

If you’re inspired to make a purchase of your own, now is a great time – Fabric Mart is offering free shipping if you spend $40!  Gotta say, I’m finding it a bit tempting…

Christmas crafting stats:
Christmas projects started:  8 (6 gifts, quilt, and Mystery Project JJOS)
Christmas projects finished: 6 (5 gifts and MPJJOS)
Number of days until Christmas Eve:  6


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