Christmas Goodies: Chocolate dipped pretzels

There are so many yummy things to eat around the Holidays, but so many of them are quite labor intensive!  (Ahem, pfeffernuesse)  However, there are others that are easy peasy and delicious…like these.


Seriously, who doesn’t love sweet and salty?  Here’s all you need:

Pretzels – any variety; I prefer rods, (that’s what she said) my sister likes mini pretzels
Ivory bark or chocolate chips*
Colored sugar or sprinkles (optional)
Vegetable oil (as needed)

Microwaveable container
Wax paper

*Chocolate chips take significantly longer to set.

So, we need to gather our ingredients, first.

We also made chocolate covered peanut butter sandwich cookies (thus the Ritz and PB)

Then we prep our workspace with the wax paper. Now, we’ll throw a package (16 oz) of the bark, or a bag of chips (12 oz)  into the microwaveable container (AKA 2 or 4 cup glass measuring cup) and nuke it for a minute.  Stir, then nuke again 30 seconds at a time until smooth.  If you have trouble getting it smooth, you can always ad just a smidge of the vegetable oil.

It should look creamy like this.

Then, dip, and shake off the excess back into the measuring cup, and set that puppy down on the wax paper.


Leave plain or adorn with sugary bits.

If you’re dipping a whole pretzel, like these minis, just throw that sucker in and fish it out with a fork. Just like this, only pretend the PB sandwiches are pretzels. ;)

Throw ‘er in.

Swirl it ’round.

Retrieval can be messy work!

Speaking of…

Candy making clothing casualty!

Plop and adorn (or not) just like the rods.  Rinse, lather, repeat!


As you get low on chocolate, you can add another 8-16 oz to the cup and microwave accordingly.

These will set at room temperature, so make sure you have enough space to let them chill on your counters for a while.  If you use bark, they’ll be ready to store in an airtight container after 45 minutes to an hour, and if you use chocolate chips, it will take two to three hours.  It would probably be safest to put wax paper between the layers of pretzels, but I tend to just throw ’em all in touching each other.

They also make yummy and pretty gifts – I like to package them in cellophane bags with a curling ribbon closure.

Christmas crafting stats:
Christmas projects started:  7 (5 gifts, quilt, and Mystery Project JJOS)
Christmas projects finished: 5 (4 gifts and MPJJOS)
Number of days until Christmas Eve:  9



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