Holly Jolly Printmas

AKA Christmas quilt fabric shopping.  Let me tell you, it can be quilt quite the ordeal.  I ended up buying a bit over 1/2 of my prints from a 65% off Christmas fabric sale at JoAnn, then another 1/3 or so at Hancock Fabrics, and the rest (two or so) I found in my stash.

Here are the pretties I ended up with. I have 7 of each color family (red and white/light), which will allow me to make 98 unique blocks (49 different fabric combinations – one block with a red inside and one block with a light inside).

Ze Reds


Batik-like snowflakes

Gilded poinsettias

Awesome rustic snowflakes

Tonal poinsettias

Red and gold stripes

My favorite – a Scandinavian style print that really speaks to my Norwegian side.

Le Lights

Plain white (not sure why I even bothered with a pic…ha)

Tonal holly print

Multilingual Xmas wishes

Red and green snowflakes!

Cream tonal print – leaves/branches

Gold scrolls on cream fabric with flicks of brown

My fav of this bunch…Santas in their sleighs!

And yes, those are dachshunds pulling the sleigh. LOL, WTH.

I tried my best to be neutral on the lighter fabrics, but it was really difficult to find all white/cream with tan or gold fabrics! Thus the random bits of red and even green.

I already have a large Omnigrid quilting ruler and three different diameters of rotary cutters, but I also bought some new gadgets to assist in my endeavor.


The Chaco pens are pretty amazing – they make such a thin line and there is very minimal drag during use! However, I’ve noticed that my machine needle gets a little angry after sewing over the chalk…like the chalk is dulling it or something (BTW – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy).

When I got home, I washed the whites on hot and dried them, and then did the same for the reds.  All of the reds came out fine except for one, which is a little pink in the white areas now, and has been banished from the quilt.  I then did a second washing of the reds to get as much of that pesky dye bleeding out of the way.

DSCF3828It’s hard to see, but it’s definitely not bright white where it used to be. Plus, the print was too large scale anyway.

I’m a little afraid there could be more white areas that turn pink when I finish the quilt, so I’m planning to wash the finished product with about a million of those dye catching sheets.

I’ve bought all of my fabric except for the backing and binding.  The pattern calls for buying 45″ wide yardage and piecing together, but I don’t see why I couldn’t just buy some 108″ wide yardage and skip the piecing.  I wonder if there is some advantage to the former?

And lastly, here’s some progress.

DSCF3839My first two blocks!

There are 99 blocks in this quilt, and my original goal was to get 9 of them done every day, and therefore be ready to sew the quilt top together after 11 days.  LOL – riiiiiight.  I’ve been working (not so diligently) on this since November 17th, and I have 30 blocks done – you do the math.  So far, each block has taken me 20-30 minutes, not counting cutting time.

Speaking of cutting, make sure you are more vigilant than I when working with sharp tools.


Thank God Mr. 5 was at home when I did this…it was a bloody mess and I got so freaked out I go so close to fainting!  He took such good care of me and my wound.  <3

And…since I can’t seem to do one thing at a time, and am a serial procrastinator, I’ve also started two Christmas gifts this week (super random fact:  did you know that gift means poison in German?).  Happily, I got one of them finished last night.  Here are sneak peeks of both:

UntitledGift #1

UntitledGift #2

I’ll share more about them later in the month, after they’ve been given.  :)

Christmas crafting stats:
Christmas projects started:  3
Christmas projects finished: 1
Number of days until Christmas Eve:  19


8 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Printmas”

  1. Owwww! is right! That made me cringe. I am working on Christmas gifts this year and using the same quilt block you are making, but turning them into pot holders and binding it like a quilt. It is like instant quilt gratification. I wish I had the perseverance to make a whole quilt of the,. It will look beautiful.

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