It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas

I know it’s only November 29th, but there’s something magical that happens the moment the Black Friday madness begins…and then it’s Christmastime!

I love Christmas.  I love decorating for it, listening to holidays tunes, making cookies and candies, shopping for and creating beautiful gifts, and I sometimes even enjoy wrapping presents.  Plus, there’s nothing quite as awesome as a real Christmas tree or the first few glistening snowfalls of the season.

In the spirit of this beauty and wonder, I’d like to introduce you to my first holiday project of the season.

Wish Tree
Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

OK, no, I didn’t make this.  But, I saw it years ago and thought “I want to make this someday.” I even posted a thread on Craftster to get some guidance, where the method used in Hawaiian quilting was recommended.  I quickly decided that the idea of hand stitching a giant applique was, frankly, terrifying.

So, I went years without thinking about it again.  That is, until I stumbled upon this quilting fabric collection earlier this month.  This fabric in particular caught my eye:


And then I decided it was time to make a quilt.  A primarily red and white, machine pieced Christmas quilt, with that special BasicGrey Blitzen as a border.  Nothing at all like the Pottery Barn “Wish Tree” quilt, but something in a similar colorway that would hold the same spirit for me.

I looked around at quilt a few websites and magazines, and finally settled on this pattern from McCall’s Quilting, which is rated for a “confident beginner.”  Yup, sounds about right, seeing as the last quilt I made was almost 20 years ago and only a foot and a half square.  I’m going for a Queen this time around.


Plus, the pattern was free.  Nothing whispers sweet
nothings into a cheapass sewist’s ears quite like free.

My goal is to wake up under this puppy Christmas morning.  I am well aware that as a novice quilter that this is a lofty goal and I will probably not reach it.  As a novice goal-setter I say “Oh well, we’ll see what happens.”

Christmas projects started:  1
Christmas projects finished: 0
Number of days until Christmas Eve:  24

Let the wonderment commence!


6 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas”

    1. I was actually thinking about that the other day! How odd it would be for me if Christmas was during summer, and how equally odd it would be for someone in the southern hemisphere if Christmas were in winter. :)

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