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Colette Truffle


Happy to introduce you to Truffle by Colette Patterns. The one I meant to complete for my friend’s wedding earlier this month…whoops.  Truffle is a pretty, simple gal, but if you make her in just the right fabric, she can be kind of whiny.

Meet silk faille, AKA the whine-maker:


Well, you’ve met it before, but let me tell you a little more about this fabric. I wasn’t fond of it from the get go, due to its stiffness, so I decided to wash and dry it to see what happened..and it loosened up a bit! Yahoo! But then, I ironed it. And my iron spit all over and left spots. Everywhere. I thought they would dry and it would look fine the next day, but it didn’t. Frick.

Despite this, after spending the 2nd most I have per yard on any fabric ever, I decided that this would need to become something, even if it was simple. It was pretty much ruined already, so there would be even less pressure in working with it.

Then, the Truffle stepped in. I’d made her before, pre-blog, but she didn’t fit as well as I was hoping…so I made a few adjustments and voila! Truffle the 2nd.


This woven silk stretched like a mother on the bias. I made sure to stay stitch all of the important parts (aka neckline and waistline of the drape) so it didn’t stretch completely out of whack. If I did it again, I would sew some stay tape up in there, too.


This back neck atrocity happened on my last Truffle, too, but
I thought I had it handled this time. 
I think this may be a function
of the way the dress is pulled inside out through the shoulders…
it’s just too much for ‘er, especially with a bulkier fabric like this!

It was pretty impossible to just turn and edge stitch the drape, due to the silk’s behavior.

It got all ragged and angry

So, I ended up lining it with a black crepe instead.

I believe this poly crepe is either the remnants of a dress I made while playing viola
in pit for Cinderella in high school; near the beginning of my life as a hoarder crafter.
Finally found a use for it!!!

This fabric was so buoyant, that stitching the darts accurately and pressing them into submission was…difficult. I swear it was sending me a message…like it wasn’t going to give in to “the man,” which then led to some stretching/sagging in the bust zone, due to the excessive pressing that ensued.

Sometimes pressing the shit out of a garment is not the answer, but it makes me
feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Also, this fabric acquired major *awesome* shine spots from the iron being too hot, and it wasn’t even set to the first setting, “synthetics,” on my iron. Thus, I resorted to a pressing cloth, which I do not use very often whilst sewing.

I also found frustration when I decided to install the zipper just to realize that I didn’t freaking turn the thing inside out yet. WTH – total rookie mistake! And then when I re-sewed it on, the waist seams weren’t properly aligned. Sigh. But eh, no big thang, as well…third time was the charm.


Some dress innards for ya.

So, basically, this project came out fairly well but taught me a few lessons:
1. I finally realized that I need to cut a 6 on top with a FBA for Colette Patterns, then an 8 for waist and hips; not a straight 8 like I have been. Or at least for the Truffle.
2. Read instructions twice, even if you’ve already made the dress.* Just to be sure.
3. Don’t buy expensive fabric without touching it first.*
4. USE a freakin’ press cloth on expensive fabric.*

*Should know these things by now!


Just goes to show, it doesn’t matter how many years (15+) you’ve been sewing…it’s still really easy to mess up. I typically celebrate my clumsiness and occasional ineptitude, because I do (and sometimes say) dumbass shit way more than I should, and I need to be able to laugh about it. :)


14 thoughts on “Truffle-licious”

  1. this is so cute! love that u lined the frilly part (forgot name already). You wouldnt know u had all these issues! Great fit and colour on you!

  2. Hey well done you, it has turned out great, I think the fault is with your unruly fabric. I’ve made two in a wool suiting – check them out – however not as glam as yours – always a pay off. I will be following you – I’m 30 years sewing and still learning!!

    1. Yeah, damn trouble making fabric!!! I love your Truffles…especially the gray one. They fit you to a T, as to every other one of your projects I looked at. You’ve totally got skills, lady! 30 years of practice will help with that, I’m sure. :) It just goes to show that sewing is definitely more of a journey than a destination…there’s so much to learn.

      1. Absolutely, still learning but that’s what I love about it, as even with those things that don’t work out, its not been a waste of time as I will have been taught something.

  3. This is the best version of this pattern I’ve seen. I love the fabric you’ve used, everything’s come together so well. I haven’t made any Collette patterns (I have the book but nothing really appealed to me) but I enjoy seeing others’ makes across the blogosphere..

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