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You wouldn’t know it, based on my sporadic updates, but I’ve actually been gone for the last few days.  Mr. 5 and I took almost a week off of work and ventured down to beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas to see a very good friend of mine tie the knot!

I like to call it the “Door County of the Ozarks” but that’s only helpful if you live in Wisconsin or surrounding states and are familiar with the reference.

Here are a few choice photos from the main event:

DSCF3516Ceremony at Thorncrown Chapel


DSCF3560The scenic reception site

DSCF3586The beautiful bride and me!

I meant to make a special dress to wear for her big day, but I got really behind after my Halloween costume.  This is the farthest I got on my silk faille Truffle:

DSCF3729It shall be completed…later!

And some photos from the rest of our trip!

There are tons of lovely little shops and restaurants all along the downtown area of quaint Eureka Springs.






My favorite shop ended up being a lingerie boutique called The Fine Art of Romance.  Not only did it have the most impressive, high quality yet still attainable, selection I’ve ever seen, I found a bra that actually fits properly and is pretty!  Huzzah!

Obviously not me, but this is what I ended up with!

Reminds me again of how much I want to try my hand at making bras and other undergarments.

We visited another wonderful shop – Regalia Handmade Clothing Studio.  The shopkeeper makes all of the clothes himself from natural fibers!  I was a little bashful about taking photos there, but half of his shop was boutique and half was his production area.  He had the most awesome set up with a giant cutting table, a couple of sewing machines, and rolls of fabric adorning the walls!  I’m sure there was more to it than that (prolly a serger, of course an ironing board), but I didn’t want to gawk.  I saw the prettiest little pink party dress (on sale!) and wish I had taken a picture…or bought it.  ;)

Regalia also happened to have a sort of “leftovers” pile that was $2/yd (in addition to some lovely vintage and quilting fabrics!).  So…I kind of acquired a couple of pieces from that pile.

DSCF3727Can’t go wrong for $14+tax for both of these pieces!

Naturally, we also ate quite a few places in town, but our favorite was this delicious place called Local Flavor.  Dinner wasn’t cheap, but it was completely delicious (Man…that filet with gorgonzola butter was awesome…) and Sunday brunch was fairly affordable and realllllly good.   The servers and bartenders were top notch, as well.

On our last day of the trip, we took a day trip out to Branson, Missouri. The drive was beautiful. I think I said “this is beautiful” at least a dozen times while we were driving through the Ozark Mountains.


Why Branson? I had been before as a kid, but wanted Mr. 5 to experience the 1800s theme park, Silver Dollar City.  John was skeptical, (I don’t always sell things very effectively) but we both ended up LOVING it and staying from open until an hour before closing!

They were decked out for Christmas already, and a kind passerby offered to take our picture when I sarcastically told Mr. 5 that I needed a photo of him in front of their giant tree.


The park has a giant cave, rides, (we loved the Powder Keg and Wildfire roller coasters) shows, (We saw a musical version of  “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Such a butchering; it was painful) and craftsmen that show you how things were done back in the 19th century!

DSCF3704Down into Marvel Cave! We descended 50 stories and then up 15 to get back out!

DSCF3714A little difficult to see, but the tour guide said this
giant cavern could fit the Statue of Liberty in it!

DSCF3717Mr. 5 traverses the shortest section of the cave tour – only 4 and a
half feet or so tall!

DSCF3703Blacksmith at work!

Our favorite craft demonstration was glass blowing, and Mr. 5 commemorated our trip by purchasing this beautiful vase.


I also randomly took a picture of the entrance as we were leaving. The whole theme park was lit up similarly.


I started knitting a sock on the ride down, and by the time we finished our drive it was about 3/4 done.  We shared driving, and I didn’t knit the whole time, but I’d say that’s a pretty decent start.


Also, after getting home from our trip, we also did this yesterday.


Hope you did your civic duty as well!

p.s.  I’m so glad the election is over.  No more wasteful mailings, hateful radio/TV ads or Facebook advertisements!


5 thoughts on “Eureka!”

    1. Yes…SO pretty! Growing up, the fam went to Branson for Spring break a few times because it was just a day’s drive away and usually significantly warmer (and hotels were pretty cheap), so it was exciting to go back again and see how things have changed!

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