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Simplicity 2172 and Happy Halloween!

On this spooky day, I hope your porches are adorned with scary jack-o-lanterns and your homes are ready for the onslaught of sugar craving ghosts and goblins!

Jack-o'-Lantern_2003-10-31Photograph by Toby Ord on 31 Oct 2003

I’ll be ready for them, decked out in my completed costume. Here are the bustier, skirt, and jacket all put together – Simplicity 2172!

Simplicity 2172



I realize now that this posture, combined with the
location of my hands, makes it look like I’m a dude
peeing into some weeds.

Another back lacing detail shot.

I didn’t go too heavy on accessories. I know they really do make steampunk outfits, but after the estimated 24-30 hours that went into these garments, I just didn’t have much left in me for accessorizing. Maybe next time…

Basic low heeled, tall black boots that I got for like $17 earlier this season
at Kohl’s. They’ve been my go-to random black boot these days, and
seemed pretty fitting for this costume.

These goggles look really cool, but are so crappily made. I had two of the
plastic rivets pop out after only trying them on twice, which I replaced
with brads.

Found this kit on my latest run to JoAnn. I figured for
$5 it might add a little steampunk-ish pizazz. I’m not
sure I’ll use it, though, since I’m afraid it might put
holes in the taffeta.

Mr. 5 has a curio cabinet with two of these keys. I
thought one would look cool on some lace as a
necklace, and…voila!

Mr. 5 told me that after reading some of your comments (Ahem, Bex and SewGiddy) that he thought about buying me a pimp cane. Teehee. <;3

I googled “steampunk hair” and “steampunk makeup” and found such variation that I decided to just do whatever the hell I wanted to. :P Some darker makeup and funky Victorian-ish hair seem to be the consensus.


And now for additional gratuitous photos…


I shall peer down my nose at thee.

Voluminous jacket bottom!

Shielding my eyes from the uh…dark…while I
search for airships.

Also, I entered this get up in the contest below. Votes appreciated, if you are so inclined! :) Voting begins November 2nd!:

Costume Contest



Have a frightfully lovely Halloween!!!



About sometimessewist

Howdy! I’m Jess, a 30-something midwesterner who loves ice cream, Martinis, and makin’ things. When I’m not sewing, knitting, or learning some new craft, I’m reading, spending time with my guy, or plotting my next project.

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  1. What a fantastic job you have done – your outfit would not be out of place in a top movie wardrobe. Lovely.

  2. This is very well done! Love the key. Could you pin the brooch concoction to the bosom of the bustier?

  3. This is fabulous!!! I can’t imagine the work that went into all those details. Also, the updo is great, and I love the drama of the sky at dusk in the background. Awesome job, all the way around!

    • Thank you, dear! It was definitely a schlep. I got ready for these pics right after work and actually had my dad take the photos at my parents’ house. I was very annoyed that I wasn’t able to get ready fast enough as I wanted pics in the daylight, but ended up being very happy with how first few turned out – quite Halloween-y in the dusk.

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  5. I saw you won the contest, congrats! Of course you got my vote, what a fab outfit!

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  10. You did a wonderful job! I’m planning on doing this outfit for the renaissance festival and wanted to see how it turned out and now I’m excited to make mine.

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