Simplicity 2172 and Happy Halloween!

On this spooky day, I hope your porches are adorned with scary jack-o-lanterns and your homes are ready for the onslaught of sugar craving ghosts and goblins!

Jack-o'-Lantern_2003-10-31Photograph by Toby Ord on 31 Oct 2003

I’ll be ready for them, decked out in my completed costume. Here are the bustier, skirt, and jacket all put together – Simplicity 2172!

Simplicity 2172



I realize now that this posture, combined with the
location of my hands, makes it look like I’m a dude
peeing into some weeds.

Another back lacing detail shot.

I didn’t go too heavy on accessories. I know they really do make steampunk outfits, but after the estimated 24-30 hours that went into these garments, I just didn’t have much left in me for accessorizing. Maybe next time…

Basic low heeled, tall black boots that I got for like $17 earlier this season
at Kohl’s. They’ve been my go-to random black boot these days, and
seemed pretty fitting for this costume.

These goggles look really cool, but are so crappily made. I had two of the
plastic rivets pop out after only trying them on twice, which I replaced
with brads.

Found this kit on my latest run to JoAnn. I figured for
$5 it might add a little steampunk-ish pizazz. I’m not
sure I’ll use it, though, since I’m afraid it might put
holes in the taffeta.

Mr. 5 has a curio cabinet with two of these keys. I
thought one would look cool on some lace as a
necklace, and…voila!

Mr. 5 told me that after reading some of your comments (Ahem, Bex and SewGiddy) that he thought about buying me a pimp cane. Teehee. <;3

I googled “steampunk hair” and “steampunk makeup” and found such variation that I decided to just do whatever the hell I wanted to. :P Some darker makeup and funky Victorian-ish hair seem to be the consensus.


And now for additional gratuitous photos…


I shall peer down my nose at thee.

Voluminous jacket bottom!

Shielding my eyes from the uh…dark…while I
search for airships.

Also, I entered this get up in the contest below. Votes appreciated, if you are so inclined! :) Voting begins November 2nd!:

Costume Contest



Have a frightfully lovely Halloween!!!



18 thoughts on “Simplicity 2172 and Happy Halloween!”

  1. This is fabulous!!! I can’t imagine the work that went into all those details. Also, the updo is great, and I love the drama of the sky at dusk in the background. Awesome job, all the way around!

    1. Thank you, dear! It was definitely a schlep. I got ready for these pics right after work and actually had my dad take the photos at my parents’ house. I was very annoyed that I wasn’t able to get ready fast enough as I wanted pics in the daylight, but ended up being very happy with how first few turned out – quite Halloween-y in the dusk.

  2. You did a wonderful job! I’m planning on doing this outfit for the renaissance festival and wanted to see how it turned out and now I’m excited to make mine.

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