Textile Tuesday – October 2012

So, here we are on the last Tuesday of the month, and it’s time for me to show you the goodies I bought since last time! Boy…I was naaaaaughty – went for quality over quantity. I was so naughty there may not be a November textile Tuesday…

Fabric #1: 1 yard gray twill with lengthwise silver thread from JoAnn – $6/yd (bought for Halloween costume bustier, Simplicity 2172. Could’ve gotten away with 5/8 yd)

Fabric #2: 3 yards forest green Italian silk charmeuse from Fabric Mart – $12.50/yd (HALF OFF!) plus shipping. It’s so luxurious and feels awesome! They’re all sold out of what I bought exactly, but this fabric appears to be very similar.


I’m thinking either Colette Truffle or possibly Burda 12/2011 #107.

Fabric #3: 3 5/8 yd black cotton broadcloth, to line my Halloween costume jacket, from JoAnn – $2.39/yd (40% off! No pic – you know what black cotton looks like ;))

Fabric #4: 3 yards wine washed silk faille from Mood Fabrics – $18/yd plus shipping


When I bought this, I was more focused on the “washed” part of
the description than the “faille” part.  I opened up the package
and immediately hated how stiff and not-so-soft this fabric was.
Sigh. A good argument for getting a swatch! Made me so sad,
but I washed it and it loosened up a bit, so I think there is hope
for it yet. If I don’t use the silk charmeuse, I may make my
Colette Truffle out of this instead.

Fabric #5: 2 yards gray bemberg rayon lining from Mood Fabrics – $6/yd plus shipping


This is my first time buying bemberg/ambiance lining and it’s feels awesome!
Why did it take me so long to order some up? I’m really excited to use it.

And while we’re on the topic of craft supplies, I wanted to mention something about that awesome cutting mat I bought last month. I was cutting out the main skirt portion of my Halloween costume when I realized – *gasp* the inches marked on the mat are not a full inch!



They are imperceptibly smaller, but over the course of two feet, 1/8″ is lost! I generally don’t use the markings on my rotary cutting mats, so it’s not a big deal for me, but if you’re a quilter and thinking about this mat, I would not recommend it.


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