Simplicity 2172 Part Three: The Jacket

It’s finally done! And boy…the bustier was a bit cumbersome, the skirt was a bit tedious, but the jacket was a helluva ride. Yeeeeeehaw!

DSCF3396In its completed glory!






It all started rather inconspicuously…since I chopped 3″ off the skirt, I thought it was one right that I give the jacket the same treatment. Also, after cutting out the skirt I had only about 3 1/3 yards of fabric left – and the envelope called for 3 5/8. However, the fabric requirement gods smiled upon me and I eked it out!

A couple of days later, I began sewing. I actually had a lot of fun constructing the front pockets and flaps – it was so neat how they just *voila!* turned out.


When that night was over, I had the jacket shell and the jacket lining each fully constructed.

DSCF3353I started wondering when I would get the choice
between the
blue pill and the red pill.

Once I got to this point, I thought “I’m half done!” Not quite…

Sewing the two parts together went fine, but under-stitching was a bulky situation. I left a 12″ opening, centered over the CB hemline, but was concerned that it might not be a big enough opening. Turns out, it was! Huzzah!


The most part that was the most frustrating and took the longest time was dealing with the organza for the neckline and cuffs. Cutting, finishing the edges, and sewing it into the sleeves and onto the neck, was a 2 hour ordeal. WAY longer than I was expecting! Also, when I was trimming the sleeve, I accidentally snipped my finger and proceeded to bleed on the organza. But, hey, it’s not sewing until you’ve shed some blood…


The sleeves were put in kind of oddly – the sleeve lining and sleeve were sewn together, encasing the raw edge of the sleeve ruffle. Then, the shell sleeve was attached to the garment and the sleeve lining was turned under and slip-stitched on. It was a little awkward – I may have done it differently.

However, sleeve-wise, I did really enjoy the look of the sleeve…flanges. Or whatever you’d call ’em.


During the battle of the sheers, my machine started randomly making a weird noise…I didn’t run over a pin or break a needle or anything! Mr. 5 helped me look at it and we couldn’t figure out what it was, just where it was. I was about six seams from being done with the jacket, which I was intending to wear out for the night, and decided to abuse my poor machine and continue on. Four seams later, this piece of metal fell out of it and the noise stopped. Uh…crap.

DSCF3415Seems to be stitching fine, but I’ll be saving that little extra to for show
and tell at my machine tune up in December.


I enjoyed sewing this jacket the most of any other piece for this costume. Even if parts of it got frustrating, it really makes the overall outfit!

*Update* See the completed outfit here.


9 thoughts on “Simplicity 2172 Part Three: The Jacket”

  1. lol I had more trouble with the corset than the coat….but you did a fantastic job, I love the color was actually thinking of using that color for me, I made my friend a red one but this color looks more polished

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