Simplicity 2172 Part One: The Bustier

So, I’m a little pokey with the blogging this month…all of the sewing seems to be taking up my time! It also seems to be taking up all of my brain capacity, (or maybe that’s the raging headache I’m experiencing ATM) so I’m going to keep this one relatively short and sweet.

When I decided to take on sewing Simplicity 2172 for my Halloween costume, I figured that it would be most prudent to make the bustier first since the other pieces needed to fit around it.






I originally thought I’d use this black fabric with silver threads for it, but then decided I wanted to make a pair of pants out of it instead. You know, ’cause that’s what I bought it for. Like 5+ years ago.

Yeah, looks kind of gray, but it IS black…

So instead, I decided to see what JoAnn had to offer, and I ended up with this gray tweed with silver threads. Pretty much the same idea as the black, but gray and the silver threads are spaced farther apart.


Based on reviews I read, It seemed that this thing was going to be a little risque if I didn’t make some alterations. So, I added 1 1/2″ to the top of it, which I tapered off into the side back panel.

If I had to do it again, I would probably only add an inch and make it tapered by the side seam – this thing kind of gets up into my ‘pits a bit!

This bustier (naturally) called for plastic boning at each seam, but I only had the wide “sew through” boning in my stash, instead of the kind that comes with a casing:


Pretty much all of the bustiers or dress foundations I’ve sewn have had me put the boning in the lining, so complete accuracy in sewing the boning in has never been an issue. However, this pattern calls for you to sew the boning through the shell (outer) layer of fabric, so I used some twill tape as my boning casing, pinning it onto the wrong side of the fabric and sewing it on through the right side.

Random innards-before-finishing pic for ya

Also, because I use it for stability when I make corsets, I lined this thing in cotton duck canvas. As I mentioned in my last post, it was just too bulky for the points at the bottom of the corset.


All in all, there really were no struggles with this bustier, other than the fact that it took me a couple of weeks to complete because I wasn’t excited about making it. Oh, and I hate sewing on buttons…and there were 12 of them:


It’s also a little big up top, but it’s pretty stiff and I’ll be wearing a jacket over it, so whatevs! Like I told Mr. 5 – if I had time to fix it, I would. Alas, Halloween looms over us now!

Next up: The skirt!

*Update* See the completed outfit here.



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