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Been a Long Time Gone…

Well, not really, but it kinda feels like it after posting so often last month!  There hasn’t been too much to blog about crafting-wise lately – I’ve been busy feeling tired at 7:00 when it’s already pitch black out and avoiding raking/mulching/taking care of the leaves in my yard.

Autumn is seriously my favorite season, but this one has been a little lack luster – not as many days with mild warmth and no humidity.  Instead, it’s been cold, wet, and dreary.  Even the trees are following suit – Fall color peaked way early this year, in the first weekend of October.  Boo!  I can just feel the SAD creeping in…

debbie downer

After what felt like a pretty successful muslin with just a few minor tweaks needed (sorry, no pics), I finally cut out my bustier for my Halloween costume during the VP debate last Thursday, complete with feelings of outrage.  I won’t say about which candidate because this is a sewing blog and I don’t want to sully it with dirty, dirty politics.

Anywho, speaking of cutting, I thought I’d share a pic of my new cutting space.

Ye olde basement!  Also, pretty sure I’ve had that hanging lantern since
2001…go go dorm room decor!

See that mat?  Bought it at Nancy’s Notions and I love it!  No more having to endlessly shift around fabric to cut things out.  Now I just need a table that properly fits it

A sample I received with my order…because
crafter = cat lady, dontchaknow

Back to the costume…that’s right, I JUST cut that shit out and it’s only 2 weekends until Halloween weekend.  I don’t know why I have so little motivation to sew this thing.  I’m excited by the idea of the finished product, but I think after working so hard last month, I just want to be a lazy bum.

I ended up deciding to use cotton duck for the lining of the bustier, because that’s what I end up using when I make corsets (I’m too cheap to buy coutil…but someday I shall!).  Wrong choice!  I normally bind the edges of corsets and this thing calls for being sewn and turned…which is making the points at the bottom of the bustier bulky and not crisp at all.  UGH.  Sigh.  This is where I remind myself it’s only a Halloween costume.


Also, my sewing machine has been acting up a bit as of late.  I scheduled an appointment for service at the place I bought the machine, but they can’t get me in for a tune up until December 7th!  Luckily, the owner was able to fix the specific problem on the spot last night (and he did it for free!  How awesome – he knows how to keep customers coming back!).  I also happened to spy this pretty while I was there, too.  Ooo….

Lastly, I finished this beauty a couple of weeks ago and finally blocked it on Sunday:

Click for more pics at Ravelry!

A very Happy Birthday (it was yesterday) to my awesome coworker/boss Sharon!


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