Feeling like ‘punk

Steampunk, that is. After a September with a set plan, I have, crazily enough, settled into an October with another plan! And first on the list? This costume:

Simplicity 2172

My excuse to make it is Halloween, and I was lame and didn’t really do anything last year. But really, once I saw it I just wanted to make it, because it’s just so freakin’ cool looking. Any ideas for accessories are very much appreciated!

I originally wanted to sew up this thing in a very similar color scheme to the photo above, but ended up finding this poly taffeta for sooooo cheap at JoAnn:


But, like I mentioned when I shared it last Textile Tuesday, they didn’t have as much of the fabric as the pattern envelope said I needed. *sad face* However, I know that I will need a shorter skirt, and I imagine I will need to shorten the jacket just a bit as well. PLUS, when I purchased it, the bolt says it was only 45″ wide but it’s 60″! So, I’m only short 2 yards instead of 3 1/2. WOOHOO!

Besides this costume, I also have plans to make a dress to wear to my dear friend Tricia’s wedding in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in early November.  I have a dress in mind, but may need to adjust my expectations based on how long this costume takes, so I’ll just keep pattern one a mystery for now.  ;)


5 thoughts on “Feeling like ‘punk”

  1. That costume is going to be awesome in the teal taffeta! Are you doing the black & white stripes, too? As far as accessories go… please tell me you have a pimp cane.

    1. LOL…pimp cane. Not sure I can pull that off. At this point, I’m thinking at least goggles, but am not sure what else I want to do.

      I couldn’t actually find black and white fabric like that (though, I didn’t look THAT hard) but it will be stripey in a fashion!

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