The Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers

Finally got my Thurlows done! OK, well actually I got them done on Thursday (one day after my scheduled completion date), but there hasn’t been time to take photos until today since it’s starting to get dark pretty soon after Mr. 5 and I get home at night. Fall is here and Winter approacheth!

Here they be:

Sewaholic ThurlowComplete with crazy ass metallic belt! Don’t worry, I
got it for free.


I whipped these up as part of the Mini Wardrobe contest on Pattern Review. After tracing the pattern, I acquired a major case of the “f*ck-its” and decided to skip a muslin and go straight to my stretch sateen fabric, figuring that since my fabric had a slight stretch making a muslin out of a non stretch wouldn’t be that helpful (no crappy stretch wovens on hand to use for the muslin…)

Turns out, I was wrong.

Based on my measurements, 30″ waist and a 39″ hip, the pattern back says I should be a 10 in the waist and a 6 in the hip (Sewaholic patterns are designed for pear shaped gals, while I am an hourglass). So, naturally I traced a 10 at the waist and brought it into a 6 at the hip. When it came time to actually try on the pants, I had to take them in an additional 2 1/2 inches on the waist. By doing so, I shortened my front pocket openings so that my hands just fit. If I had taken them in any further they would not be functional. So, it seems that I should’ve ignored the pear caveat and cut a straight 6.

Please excuse the rogue thread. And the lint…these pants are
avid collectors.

I really enjoyed doing the challenge of the back welt pockets. They may not be perfect, but I think I did a decent job.

Srsly the lint, I tell ya…

Pockets aside, though, I’m not sure what I did to make my ass so hungry…

WTF did I do to cause this atrocity? I’m all ears if you have any pointers
on appeasing this CB buns seam.

And while we’re on the subject of oddities, according to my blog photo journalist, Mr. 5, this shot makes me look like I have a…package. If you know what I mean. OK, the word used was c*ck.

What of it?

Anywho, back on track…loved all of the pockets and loved cutting them out of a fun lining fabric!


And a closer shot of some details


In the end, I’m glad I made them. They’re comfy, and I will continue to tweak them until they’re as good as I can make them. They fit almost perfectly in the waist when I finished them, but then I sat around in them for a while and they stretched out. If you’re interested, you should definitely give them a try – I’d recommend cutting them by your hip size and muslin fitting from there before starting in with your final fabric.

As for my Mini Wardrobe…only one more piece to go and I’m done!  The deadline is September 30th at 11:59 PM EST (I believe) and I’m pretty sure I’ll make it!


16 thoughts on “The Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers”

  1. Great job with these! I’m also vehemently anit-muslin, so I just made the shorts as a wearable muslin for the pants. I love your lining too, my next pair is definitely going to have a fun print for the pockets!

    1. Shorts as a wearable muslin!!! Duh, what a good idea! I totally didn’t even have time to even do that, though. Sigh. I will definitely be trying these puppies again this winter, though. I shall conquer the Thurlow!!!

  2. The front of these look awesome! My CB seam looks like yours. :/ Not sure what’s up with that, I need to consult some books. I’m a very obvious pear shape and I had issues with the waist being too big as well. I made a muslin thinking that the waist would be too small–nope, too big!

    1. Oh no. :( When I saw that you were making yours, my first thought was “I hope she has better butt seam luck than me!” Your waist being too big as well is just more proof that there’s something funky about the size chart with this pattern. I’m almost thinking that having to take the waist in so much could be part of the butt problem?

      My other thought is that using a stretch woven, instead of a stable woven, could’ve caused my problem. Just saw on your blog that you used a pretty stiff woven, though, so maybe it’s not a fabric issue after all, since the same problem presents itself at both ends of the fabric spectrum.

      1. I’ve looked in the few fitting books I have and it looks like it may be an issue of the crotch depth being too short. I’ll email you some photos. :)

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