The Jalie Cardigan – 2919

Pretty much just under the wire, I got my final piece of my Mini Wardrobe completed Saturday afternoon!  I didn’t have time to write about both the Thurlow pants and this garment in the same post (plus, it would be pretty long) so here are two blog posts in one day, due to the Mini Wardrobe contest‘s end of September deadline.

Jalie 2919
An awesome black cardi!

You thought it was going to be a skirt, right? Well, so did I…until I cracked out my Vogue 1282 pattern again (used previously to make my cowl tank) and I found that I was missing a little something…


…the “extension” pattern piece for the lower front of the skirt. I looked around for it a bit, but quickly realized there was really no where that delicate pattern tissue could live in my house unharmed, and decided it had accidentally been wadded up and thrown away.

Seeing as the reviews for this skirt pattern aren’t stellar in the first place (I think the idea of how it could look is better than what most people have ended up with, by no fault of their own.), and I wasn’t willing to pay full retail to replace the pattern and was too lazy to draft the missing piece, so I decided it was fate and I should just go in a different direction.

My four considerations – Jalie cardi, McCall’s knit top, Simplicity TNT knit top, or
Simplicity skirt.

As you can see, I ended up choosing the cardi, Jalie 2919. I’d ordered it last week from and was already considering making it instead of the Vogue skirt if it came before the contest deadline (September 30th) and it finally arrived on Friday. It was just meant to be.

And I’m so glad I made it. I LOVE THIS CARDIGAN.

It’s a versatile piece, for sure. You can wear it open, like in the first photo I posted, or you could lap it over like this and close it with a belt or a pretty brooch or pin


The back is pretty much what you’d expect.

DSCF3242Par for the course.

When I first cut into this thing, I was unsure about the pleats.


But I really ended up digging them. So flattering.

DSCF3239Super duper close up!

And here’s a random innards shot for ya.


The sleeves were pretty long, but they push up easy. I’m thinking about adding a thumb hole to my next one o’ these.


And since I can’t seem to post a blog without bitching about something…I think it’s a little long for my frame, so I’ll probably chop 2-3 inches off of it when I make it next.

This shot makes me feel like I should be journeying to
Mordor to destroy the ring in flames of Mount Doom.

My conclusion? I think you already figured it out. I LOVE THIS PATTERN. And it only took me about 3-4 hours to make in total…it’s a seriously awesome, time efficient, versatile wardrobe builder.


9 thoughts on “The Jalie Cardigan – 2919”

  1. I have been searching everywhere for a long cardigan pattern and found this one on Jalie’s website. I really like it! Would you consider this a doable pattern for someone new to sewing? I still have my training wheels on and wanted to find something stylish but easy. Would you recommend this pattern for someone like me? Thanks!

    1. Hi Robin! Yes, I think this pattern would be good for you to try! The trickiest part is probably sewing the pleats, and that’s really not bad. Plus, the sizing is reliable, and fit is half the battle with sewing!

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