Textile Tuesday – September 2012

Howdy all! Time to do some fabric droolin’ over the goodies I’ve purchased since last month’s Textile Tuesday.

First up, some lovely teal poly taffeta. I found it at JoAnn for $1.50 a yard and will be using it to make my steampunk Halloween costume, Simplicity 2172. I was going to go all dramatic and buy a deep red, like on the pattern sleeve, but the woman at the cutting counter assured me that this color was better for my coloring. ;)


Downside? They only had 7.5 yards and the jacket and skirt are supposed to take a total of 11. My thoughts on the shortage? I’ll probably have to shorten both the jacket and the skirt anyway and I can just make the bottom a wee less densely pleated. I’d rather spend ~$11 on the main components of this project rather than the $50+ I thought it would be.

On the same trip, I found this awesome striped poly lining fabric that I decided will be perfect for my Sewaholic Minoru (whenever I actually get around to making it). I also snagged this one for only a buck fifty a yard. <3 it when JoAnn has half off of their clearance fabrics.


I also bought my Mini Wardrobe Jacket fabric this month, and some black sateen as well. No picture of the black sateen, ’cause you know how unimpressive that photo would be.

And while we’re on the subject of textiles, anyone know where I can buy some good silk chiffon? My budget minded fabric purchasing self is battling with my desire to actually work with quality material for once. If no where else, I’ve decided I’ll probably buy from Vogue Fabrics or Mood.


5 thoughts on “Textile Tuesday – September 2012”

  1. That teal taffeta steampunk outfit is going to ROCK!!

    I can’t talk about chiffon right now. I will cry. Seriously.

    (But I got mine from Mood for $12/yd, which seemed fair.)

      1. Mood sells some for $18/yd and it might be better quality than what I ordered. It was my first time working with silk chiffon, so I really have no frame of reference. This $12/yd stuff slid all over my cutting table, got eaten up in my machine, bubbled at the seams, and then picked when I caught a fingernail on it. I don’t know – maybe that’s just chiffon in general?

      2. Ugh, I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble. :( I haven’t worked with it either, (only poly chiffon) so I guess I wouldn’t know any better, either!

        Yeah, I think that’s just chiffon in general. I’ve heard of using a spray stabilizer to stop slide and help with cutting, and sewing with tissue paper underneath to help prevent bubbly seams (could be a tension issue, too). My hands get dry and rough, so I’m a little scared of catching my fingers on it, like you mentioned.

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