New Patterns!

It’s always an exciting day when a pattern company reveals some new styles…and it looks to me like both McCall’s and Simplicity released some new beauties today! I can’t help but share some of them with you…the good, the bad, and some observations.

The Good

McCall’s 6647
Cute with a modest neckline from the front (though I may just be seduced by the fabric choice)

And adorable from the back! (mullet dress, anyone?) I can totally see that upper cutout being shaped into a heart instead – would that be cute? Totally not something I can wear (no wearin’ a bra with this one!) but I think it’s pretty cute!

This is kind of a Good and a Bad…I am a sucker for draped silhouettes and cowls, so I love D, E, and F. I also like the knot style (views A, B and C) in this pattern in theory, but the neckline of that version kind of looks like it’s cannibalizing itself on the model. Om nom nom.

I think this one has lots of potential. The first thing I thought when I saw it? Joan Hathaway. While we’re on the subject, when are they going to add Season 5 to Netflix?!

The Bad

McCall’s 6645
Seriously…WTH? I feel like this lady needs to amuse the king or she’ll lose her post as court jester…the short version isn’t too bad, but it’s just a lot of color blocking for one frock!

Not so “bad” as it is weird. Let’s just randomly sew a collar! Just for the heck of it!

The Hmmm…

McCall’s 6648
This shirt looks kind of looks familiar to me…

It’s Katniss‘s interview dress! Bet she’ll be a popular subject of Halloween costumes this year.

Lastly, I leave you with this pattern

McCall’s 6635
Gotta love the “Srsly, WTF?” vibe this mummy bundled baby is putting off


6 thoughts on “New Patterns!”

  1. Hungry necklines, agh! :D

    It has become increasingly obvious to me over the past few months that I must sew a dress with a tie-flap-thingy at the neckline, a la Simplicity 1715. It’s so grown up and ladylike and must be worn with gloves for the full effect. I don’t know about the dropped waist on that one, though…. might have to go with something more like New Look 6968.

    I am helplessly transfixed by the random collar trend. I know it’s corny, I know it will prove to be a “WTF were we thinking?” thing in 2 years (or maybe 6 months)… but I want one. I could just wear it around the house, right? I mean, everyone needs a fake, random collar to wear around the house….

    1. Ooo…New Look 6968 is way cute! I should really make a better effort to pay attention to New Look patterns. Though, it seems like I get myself in enough trouble with the Big 4 and the random independent pattern companies I like.

      “I mean, everyone needs a fake, random collar to wear around the house….” Haha…the collars make me think of dickeys (dickies?) except they seem to be less “useful” and less fun to say but almost as much fun to mock.

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