The Jacket: in progress

I got the pattern cut out for my jacket, which is the third piece of my mini wardrobe, last weekend, but my fear of creating a muslin and then fitting the jacket kind of stunted my progress. After a couple of nights of relaxing, I told Mr. 5 that he needed to make me work on it Wednesday night – and he held true to his promise!

I knew I would need an FBA, so I just went ahead proactively and added 3/4″ to the bust based on past suggestions I’d seen in Big 4 patterns (well, and based on past experience).

Original pattern piece vs. my adjusted one.

A few months back, I heard about Swedish tracing paper, which is basically a non-woven not-quite paper (think middle of the road weight non-fusible interfacing) and I decided to give it a try when I read its boast of being able to be used as a pattern paper AND being sew-able for fitting purposes (ooo shiny). So, I ordered a roll at Nancy’s Notions (manufactured by Birch Street Clothing). Oddly enough, it’s cheaper to buy from Nancy than from the source.

Super easy to cut out, too!

So, when it came time to make the muslin for this jacket, I decided it was time to finally try this stuff out. It’s definitely a little stiffer than muslin, but I feel confident enough that my jacket will properly fit after testing it out.


I only planned to finish my muslin on Wednesday, but decided I might as well cut out the entire jacket while I was on a roll.


According to the pattern instructions, this puppy has 32 steps, (two of which are optional, and I am not taking that option, so I have 30) so I’ve decided I’m going to try and do 7-10 of those steps each day I have time to sew. If all goes well, I’m hoping to have this done by Monday or Tuesday – possibly a couple of days ahead of schedule!

p.s. You should totally take a peek here at the new designs that one of my favorite independent pattern companies released yesterday! The darling and mod Anise jacket totally rocks my socks.


4 thoughts on “The Jacket: in progress”

  1. YAY I am excited to see a post on your jacket! And what a great fit. It’s going to be so sharp in that grey fabric. I made a very simple lined jacket back in April (New Look 6006), and I couldn’t believe how many different steps there were. But it was one of the most gratifying projects I’ve completed in my short sewing career. I have never tried Colette patterns. I might have to give them a go because that Anise jacket is adorable!

    1. This jacket is kind of a cop-out compared to the coat (cute, BTW!) you’re describing, and most jackets in general – there is no lining (the seams are finished with bias binding), it’s a shawl collar instead of a notched collar, and there is only one button! But hey, I liked the look of it on the pattern, so why not?

      Colette is great and their sizing is way closer RTW sizing than Big 4 sizing is. Plus, the patterns are drafted for a C cup instead of B! Less alterations make me happy.

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