The Anchorman Dress

I got my second piece of my mini wardrobe done today! Started cutting out at 10 am and by 5 pm I was finished. I’ll admit there was some lollygagging in there, but not a whole lot. Here she is: Vogue 8825!


I really wasn’t sure this print would work in this dress, and I’m still not positive I’ve used this fabric optimally, but I’m digging the result anyway. Midway through my day of sewing I was really doubting it, and from then, and until the end of sewing it all I could think of was

“Look, the most glorious rainbow EVER!” – “Oh! Do me on it!”

And thus, this dress shall forevermore (or for the time being) be knighted in the name of Anchorman.


Now this is an assertive polyester print in an easy wearing style that
Veronica Corningstone would approve of.




With the straps untied. I like the odd, cool colored sunburst that errupts from my midsection!


This thing may look a little funky, but it feels AWESOME on. I cut a 12 and the only alterations I made were taking the cuffs in 1″ (and I could’ve easily taken them in another half-inch) and shortening the dress by 4″. If I were to do it again, I’d probably shorten the sleeves a couple of inches, but that’s really all I’d change.

Sewing where the back neck and both parts of the sleeve (2 piece raglan dolman) met (3 pattern pieces meeting into one corner) was a little tricky, but that was the only thing that gave me any trouble at all. If I didn’t have such a busy pattern to attempt to match (It roughly matches most places) I would’ve cut the back bodice/sleeve on the fold since the CB is a straight line. The CB of the skirt is not straight, so that would still need to be cut into two pieces regardless of no zipper being used.

Best matching seam on the dress. Can you guess where it is?
The under part of the sleeve. Figures – LOL.

I’ve even taken the dress out for a test drive already – for SUSHI!

Mr. 5 waits patiently for his sushi

And so do I :)

I’m excited to say that I’m now ahead of schedule on my Mini Wardrobe! (and have also just knocked on wood). Next up? The Jacket, Simplicity 1784.

And my completion schedule:
Jacket by 9/19
Trousers by 9/26
Skirt by 9/29


21 thoughts on “The Anchorman Dress”

  1. Awesome dress!! You look great. You’ll need to think up excuses to lift your arm so you can show off that perfect pattern matching. :)

    1. Thanks, Cuckoo! Yeah, I can just see myself…lifting up my arm nonchalantly for various reasons. Maybe while dancing, or to ask someone if they think I need more deodorant. Hey, those could go together!

  2. WOW, this dress is fabulous!! I think the print goes perfectly with the pattern. What a cool effect on the upper front of the bodice. You are coming right along, and I am excited to see the jacket!

  3. Wow, it looks great on you! Love the fabric too! I ordered this pattern and was wondering what it would look like in real life and it looks great, can’t wait to make mine up now.

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