Mini Wardrobe Plan

Hey all! I finally have a storyboard made and a timeline for the mini wardrobe contest:

Mini Wardrobe

Sometimes Paint is all you have to work with, folks.

1. Jacket – Simplicity 1784 in medium gray sateen: completed 9/17/12.
2. Trousers –Sewaholic 1203 in black stretch sateen – completed 9/27/12
3. Cowl tank – Vogue 1282 in blue jersey: completed 9/4/12.
4. Dress – Vogue 8825 in zig zag ITY jersey: completed 9/8/12.
5. Skirt – Vogue 1282 in stretch denim.  Cardigan – Jalie 2919 in rayon/spandex jersey:  completed 9/29/12.

As you see, I already have #3 completed (woohoo!) but it’s also the easiest of the bunch. I meant to get my next piece cut out last night, but had a super delicious Mexican dinner at a fabulous place in town called La Mestiza (OMG the chips…and the guac…and the amazing sauce on my entree…) and happened to also have a margarita. If I even have one, it makes me sleepy, and when we got home I vegged and then kinda zonked out on the couch instead of cutting…whoops. :P

Next on the list? The fab Vogue 8825:


I already have the pattern cut out, just need to press it and then cut the fabric. Based on the varied directions that the pieces go, I’m not really sure that the awesome zig zag print I have will work, or that I even have enough to match up the pattern (it’s a big repeat). I really hope it works, ’cause it’s the only print in the plan. Guess I’ll find out tonight or tomorrow night when I finally tuck in to it!

And finally, here’s my tentative sewing schedule on when I’d like each garment to be completed. We’ll see if I can stick to it:

Dress by 9/11 – completed 9/8/12
Jacket by 9/19
Trousers by 9/26
Skirt by 9/29

P.S. Lookie what the USPS just dropped off from Pink Chalk Fabrics!


P.P.S. I reached 1000 hits yesterday! So cool. Thanks for taking a peek at my little blog. :)


10 thoughts on “Mini Wardrobe Plan”

  1. Looks like a great plan! I was sort of blindsided by this contest – I just dismissed it out of hand at first, but then it wormed its way into my head and now I’m kind of excited to put together a mini wardrobe. But yeah, the idea of making a jacket, and pants, and 3 other things in 3 weeks… So I’ve decided to cut it all out at once, since I hate cutting, and then hopefully I’ll be motivated to sew through it!

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