Haphazard Stitchin’

I have a bad sewing habit.

It’s not that I don’t cut my threads while I sew (I typically do), or the house looks like a tornado ravaged it after a day of sewing (Oh, wait…never mind). This is a deeper issue than any of these sorts of things.

I sew whatever I feel like, whenever the mood strikes me. Sometimes I get distracted when a bright, shiny new pattern, or inspiring fabric enters the fray, and whatever I have set in the queue to be sewn next gets cast aside. Sometimes for years (for realz).

Because of this, I create garments with no thought as to how they’ll fulfill my everyday clothing needs, fill wardrobe gaps, or coordinate with my existing clothing*. I have a pitiful lack of wardrobe planning in my sewing life.

* Based on the clothing I’ve made in the last couple of months, you see that I’m kind of dress heavy with the Babylock.  Dresses are really an outfit on their own, so they don’t really *need* to coordinate with anything…but that’s beside the point.

As I was pondering this the other day, I stumbled upon this post from a fellow blogger about Pattern Review’s 2012 MINI WARDROBE CONTEST.

Mini Wardrobe

Seems like fate that I am bemoaning my lack o’ plannin’ and this comes along. Sure, I’ve only churned out 4 dresses in 2 months, and this contest calls for sewing 4 to 5 garments in one month. If I don’t make the deadline, at least I’ll have a good start on some coordinating items. Or, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

My plan thus far:

1. One-button jacket
Simplicity 1784 in medium gray sateen.

2. Trousers (pants, whatever)
Sewaholic 1203
Sewaholic 1203 in black or blue corduroy, or denim (if I make the blouse instead of skirt).

3. Cowl tank
Vogue 1282 in light gray, black or blue jersey.

4. Dress
Vogue 8825 in zig zag ITY jersey.

5. Skirt or blouse
V1282b ~OR~ 1018-cover-large-8f068563a5ac9a485c935aef281bd790
Vogue 1282 in denim or Colette 1018 – fabric choice undecided.

I’m hope to take a week for each the jacket and the pants and get through the tank, dress and skirt or button down in the remaining two weeks. Ambitious, but hopefully do-able!


3 thoughts on “Haphazard Stitchin’”

  1. Ditto to this. I begin projects with the best of intentions, but unless they’re dresses, they often get pushed to the side as soon as the next shiny temptation comes along.

    I’ve also been leaning towards blues, blacks & greys recently. And that Simplicity jacket is definitely on my to-make list this fall/winter. #4 dress would look so classy tucked into #5 skirt – and bam, 2 different outfits. I am excited to see your progress!

  2. Good luck on the contest! I too suffer from the same haphazard sewing habit. I get all excited about something new, leaving behind a trail of unfinished half-projects, ahhhh! I’m trying to do better, but can’t make any promises!

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