Battling wallpaper glue, double knits and movin’

It’s been quite the week! First, I harvested the first cucumber of the season (I may have gotten started a bit late…). It was so crisp and delicious.


Gratuitous garden photo

Secondly, the company I work for moved from a roughly 1500 square foot office, where my “office” was windowless and also the lunch room, to a wonderfully bright and airy new office (around 3500 square feet!) where I have a floor-to-ceiling window!

Untitled Untitled
Our new building and my bright, shiny window!

The office is not quite finished (ETA is end of August), but it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done – my boss did an awesome job designing it. The construction can be a bit loud (compressors, saws, drills) and a little stinky, (I think I got a bit high off of some cleaner or varnish or something this morning) but I can’t really complain – I am so happy with the new place so far (did I mention my bigass window?). Plus, my super generous boss bought the whole company memberships to the health club next door. What can I say? We’re spoiled here, and, once again, I thank my lucky stars that I stumbled upon this job.

Thirdly, Mr. 5 and I took a drive up to his house to paint his kitchen this weekend. Well, to prep and paint. I’m fairly certain that wallpaper is of the Devil. Especially this wallpaper, since it’s apparent that a release agent was not applied when it was put up 60 years ago.

Herr 5 scrapes the atrocious offender

We’ve been in the process of removing this wallpaper for at least 3 months. I’ll admit, there was a bit of time where we kind of ignored it due to many other things that needed doing (plus, who doesn’t put off chores that royally suck?). In order to scrape this crap off, we tried so many things. We steamed the walls with a garment steamer, we soaked them in water, and we tried TWO different types of solvent. We got so frustrated that Mr. 5 bought a belt sander and started sanding the shit off. We certainly did a bit o’ spackling after that:

The belt sanded wall!

When it came down to it, we figured out that using lots of water to soak the wall, and then waiting a few minutes to scrape worked best. It was still a bear to deal with, and we’re not done yet. However, we did get some primer on a couple of the walls:



Last but not least, I finally got my next dress, Simplicity 2443
cut out and sewn together. Here’s the dress, unhemmed:


And here are my thoughts on the almost finished product:


More on that later…


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